Is Bunnings Open Good Friday {April 2022} Know Details!

Latest News Is Bunnings Open Good Friday

This summary is entirely based on Bunnings to resolve the dilemma of individuals regarding Is Bunnings Open Good Friday.

Are you so dependent on Bunnings? Are your residence and lifestyle commodity shopping still needs to be done? If so, you must be tensed over the opening and timings of Bunnings for sure. Don’t worry, as many individuals are stressed about the same from Australia

Knowing the working hours of your nearest local is significant to stock up on last minutes. It would help to discover when your local Bunning is open and the entire hours. So, to answer Is Bunnings Open Good Friday, continue reading this article-

Bunnings Schedule for Easter Week-

  • Good Friday is the main concern for dwellers today. So, let us notify you that all stores are open for 15th April 2022 as it’s not a federal holiday. 
  • Then, on Easter Saturday, all stores are open. It’s a nice option to complete your pending shopping.
  • After that, some stores are accessible on Easter Sunday, and some are shut. You need to check the official website in the conclusion section to know the designated available shops.
  • And, on Easter Monday, all stores will be accessible. 

Why Is Bunnings Open Good Friday 2022 Important Question? 

Bunnings are the go-to for thousands of dwellers as they provide the broadest span of residence modification commodities with the downward priced strategy. They are environmentally peaceful setups that attract so many consumers. 

Moreover, Easter week is a family time for many people. And, they need to stock up on products even at the last moment. All these circumstances stressed out people. So, thinking and searching about the timings and openings of Bunnings is extremely important this week. A question of one can resolve the dilemmas of many. 

Social Media Explanations of Is Bunnings Open Good Friday-

Bunning has been an Australian hardware line since 1994 and has shops in New Zealand. Apart from being a helping hand for many, they are connected with various social media handles. This is to make people up to date regarding every detail. 

According to the social media platforms, if there’s no federal holiday like Christmas Day, Labour Day, Easter Sunday, or Thanksgiving Day. Then, most Bunnings open in daylight at 9:00 AM and close at 6:00 PM. 

Why is this Trending? 

We have already mentioned why this: Is Bunnings Open Good Friday 2022 trending. The Bunning Corporation presently has 295 shops everywhere. 

This directly indicates how important it is for the buyers. That’s why they are concerned over its opening times and other details. 

What Are The Bunning Hours? 

Most Bunning shops regulate 9 to 10 hours a day from Monday to Friday. The upright at 9 in the daylight and shut at 6 in the dusk. They begin two hours prematurely at 7:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday and shut down their store one hour late at 7:00 PM.


In conclusion, we hope your Is Bunnings Open Good Friday query is already resolved. We have given you the timings and everything related to Bunnings for your eternal comfort and convenience. All the collected information in this article relies on Internet research. 

Besides, to know more about it, click here. Additionally, Kindly Let Us Know Your Plans For Easter Week Below.  

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