Is Blumblam Scam or Legit {June 2023} Honest Reviews!

Read the information in the post that follows to determine whether Is Blumblam Scam or Legit company and whether buying anything from this website is safe.

Do you enjoy buying high-quality goods? Do you favour buying practically everything you require? Do you want premium goods at reasonable prices? If the answer is yes, carry on reading. This article will cover a reliable source for your requirements. Blumblam is the name of it. 

The site’s assessments and privacy policies spurred people’s interest in the United States. This should be read by everybody who agrees with my concerns. Is Blumblam Scam or Legit?


Do You Believe This Online Shop? Please double-check the information!

  • The website’s official registration date is March 26, 2023.
  • The website will expire on March 26, 2024.
  • This website only supports HTTPS connections for accessing customer data.
  • Social networking sites cannot be used to access the website.
  • Neither internal nor external platforms are allowed to accept customer input.
  • A total rating of 58.8% was given to the website.
  • Currently, this website’s Alexa rank is 0.
  • The website has a popularity score of 0.
  • A proximity score of 27/100.
  • 26 out of 100 points were given to the threat profile.
  • Phishing received a 26 out of 100 rating.
  • Malware received a score of 9 out of 100.
  • Spam received a 15 out of 100 grade.

Blublmam Reviews of a reliable online store for almost everything, 

They are taking into account the popularity of the website Watches and many other products are available on this Blumblam website. Your business is set to develop a network of expert manufacturers and suppliers that they meticulously select and monitor to ensure they pass our rigorous screening procedure. 

To avoid falling victim to fraud, verifying the authenticity of any information is essential, even if certain aspects of an online company look legitimate.

Information about this online shop.

  • The store’s website may be found at
  • The email address is
  • The contact information is 442086385417.
  • 4/4a Bloomsbury Square, London, United Kingdom, WC1A 2RP is the website’s legal address.
  • The proprietor’s identity is still a mystery.
  • Meledo Company Limited is the company’s registered business name.
  • Is Blumblam Scam or Legit? The website lacks a number of significant pieces of information.
  • The company’s registration number is 11736866.
  • It takes 9 to 15 days for the shipment to arrive.
  • ExpressShipping$14.99
    Delivery usually takes 5-8 business days
  • The business accepts returns for up to 30 days.
  • A 24-hour window for refunds is available before shipment.
  • The following payment methods are now accepted at this shop: PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, and Maestro.

Benefits Of This Store.

  • The business address is stated.
  • An HTTPS connection is required for the website’s user data management functions.
  • Within a week of receiving your return, you will get a total refund.
  • Defective item(s) can be returned within 30 days.
  • Free delivery is offered on all purchases over $49.

Problems with this store

  • The website does not have any Blublmam Reviews.
  • The owner’s name is not included in any records.
  • Social networking sites do not provide website access.
  • There are also contact information images accessible.

Check out this website to see client testimonials!

Any internet website may be evaluated for legitimacy using customer reviews. The official page does not contain any customer testimonials. It is essential to confirm the integrity of data or ratings. Additionally, no social networking websites offer access to this page. It would be ideal if you looked into this website’s PayPal fraud.


This website lacks a number of other essential components, such as user reviews. Social networking platforms, however, have no effect on credit ratings. Investigate the website’s credit card theft as a result

Do you have any plans to buy plastic lunch boxes online? How do you feel about this website?

Is Blumblam Scam or Legit FAQs:-

Q1: How much does expedited delivery cost?

$14.99 for Express Shipping

 Q2: In Canada, what amount of time will delivery take?

9-15 days

Q3. Does this website provide a tracking number?

A tracking number is assigned to each item on our website.

Q4: Can I buy anything using the app on my phone?


Q5. How trustworthy is this website?

A very poor trustworthiness grade.

Q6. Can clients cancel their purchases over the phone? 

There is no information available.

Q7: Exactly how do returns work?

A thirty-day no-fault return window

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