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You might have heard about cases of food shortages, power shortages, a wave of some unknown disease spreading across the globe, and so on? Similar news is going viral on social media, which claims that the Biden government of the United States is sending infant formula to the southern part of the Border. Amid the serious shortage of Baby formula, Is Baby Formula Being Sent to the Border? Keep reading the article to understand this issue. 

Why is it in the news?

As per the sources, America faces a severe crisis in baby formula. This, shortage threatens the babies’ health, who solely rely on it to sustain themselves. According to experts, this is the worst shortage of formula in decades. According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Biden overlooks the crisis in America and sends the Baby formulas to illegal immigrants coming through the southern Border.

A picture is circulating where two shelves are shown. The first shelf is of the US border, packed with formula, while the other is empty, representing America. Keep scrolling to learn Why Is There a Baby Formula Shortage?

What is Baby Formula?

Baby Formula, also known as Infant formula, is a food manufactured to feed babies and infants under 12 months. It is used as a substitute for milk produced by humans. Several brands in the market produce such milk formulas, though their nutrient content can differ. 

The most common formulas contain cow’s milk purified in nature, casein, whey for protein, and many more. There could be many reasons for opting for Baby formula instead of breastfeeding, like the Mother’s health being unsuitable for feeding the baby, the absence of the Mother, etc. 

Why Is There a Baby Formula Shortage?

This serious shortage incident could be traced back to the problem rose because of contamination issues at Abbott and similar other brands. Abbott shut down its factory voluntarily after consumer complaints were filed against them in February. It is believed that two infants died due to the contaminated formula. 

Along with the shutdown, a serious problem arose in the supply chain for packaging and ingredients, which led to stock getting dried up quickly; this created huge chaos among the customers. Many believe that the Biden administration is turning a blind eye to the crisis in America and sending Baby formula to the US border. But Is Baby Formula Being Sent to the Border?

Final Verdict

We can say that America is facing a nationwide shortage of baby formula. And the statements by the Texas Governor, National Border Petrol Council, lawmakers, and officials about sending formulas by Biden to Border have caused an uproar. It would be inapt to conclude anything on allegations. However, no one can deny that this could be a huge failure of the health system of the US. 

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