Is Ascvcy com Legit (Aug 2021) Know The Reviews Here!

Is Ascvcy com Legit (Aug 2021) Know The Reviews Here! >> Please read this article to learn about a new e-commerce website which provides vast trending products which relates to tools, clothing and accessories.

What will happen if you come across some trending and fascinating items? Naturally, you will be attracted and wish to procure it. However, do you want to explore many more trending items in one place? Do you like to look into the website named, which provides such things? Let us go through this website in detail and confirm its legitimacy preceding to purchase.

This article explains the facts about Is Ascvcy com Legit, which many people worldwide are eager to know about, including the United States.

Is Ascvcy com Authentic?

We had highlighted some points regarding this website which will help you to give you added information.

  • Website Age – less than one month, created on 23 July 2021
  • Website Trust Score –1%, which is a Very Bad Trust Index.
  • Content Copied – The “Terms and condition” section is the same content associated and explained in multiple e-commerce portals. Hence, the wordings appear pasted from somewhere else.
  • Reviews of Customers – There is no reviews available in any of the items of Ascvcy com Reviews.
  • Broken Links –There is only one quick link which is “Add to wish list”. It says to log in to your details to continue the process.
  • Social Media Linking – Social media links are not mentioned throughout the portal.
  • Missing Specifications–This website does not provide a specification about customer support or Help. This is creating difficulty in understanding the website genuinely.
  • Owner Information –This website does not disclose any owner information.
  • Legality of Physical Address–There are multiple websites that provide similar contact addresses. Hence, this detail causes a lot of doubt regarding Is Ascvcy com Legit.

This detailed investigation on the Net elucidates that this focused site is illegitimate. 

What Is is an e-commerce website that makes available massive products which is trending for everyone all in one place. They have items like Bosch tools, DeWalt tools, Cardigans, women’s clothing and accessories.


  • Portal Type –This is the e-commerce portal which deals with the latest trending items.
  • Address of Portal–
  • Electronic mail Address –
  • Contact Number – +12052956529 (the phone number is linked to many other platforms).
  • Owner Address –30-73, Mountain View Rd, Ferndate, Washington – 98248, US (This address is given by many other portals, which significantly raises the doubt Is Ascvcy com Legit.
  • Sorting Option – Unavailable
  • Filtering Option – Not available on the homepage. 
  • Products Price –US Dollars, Euro, and Pounds.
  • Payment Policy – Mentioned under payment method specification.
  • Delivery and Shipping Policies – It takes 1 to 3 days to ship after placing except for holidays.
  • Refund and Return Policies – The products have to be delivered within fourteen days from the date of delivery.
  • Payment Methods –PayPal
  • Social Media Linking –Not Available


Please read some positive highlights of this portal.

  • All products are nicely categorized, and visually, it is mesmerizing and attractive.
  • Availability of products is good with all sizes available.


Read below the cold realities of this website, which shall explain Is Ascvcy com Legit.

  • They claim to provide free shipping for orders over 50$. This offer is enormous, and most of their products is around this price. This means they are trying to attract customers and gain value.
  • About section does not mention the agenda of the website.
  • The variety of items are too extensive to be genuine.
  • There are no customer reviews available on any products on the website, which is highly dubious.
  • The product description is not nicely explained in all the items available.
  • The website is not honest because it is new.

Ascvcy com Reviews

This portal has no reviews on any trustworthy sites like Reddit, Quora, Amazon etc. This platform is very current in the market, which underlines that it is not safe to deal with it in the market. Kindly go through Everything You Should Know About Credit Card Scam. This will provide to be safe and aware about such incidences.


After reading this detailed explanatory article, you must be clear about this portal being unsafe.We would recommend you to not be involved in such websites and also examine Easy and simple methods of refund from paypal. You would also be interested in looking into Digital cameras to know about its reviews.

Kindly share your personal thoughts in concern to Is Ascvcy com Legit.

2 thoughts on “Is Ascvcy com Legit (Aug 2021) Know The Reviews Here!”

  1. I ordered a Bosch tool grinder from them back in May 22nd 2021 .today day is November 23rd ,after countless emails and Communications and telling me my product is going to arrive at the post office with bogus tracking information . I never did receive my Bosch tool grinder . I’m out the $60 .85 buyer beware it’s a scam ! I also noticed several other companies with the exact same price I think it’s all connected .

    • Hello Frank Brown, They are for sure scammers. After so much of emails, you have not received the product yet. Check for the refund from the payment company. If it works you will save your money. Be careful. Stay alert. Thanks.


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