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Is Archies Footwear Legit (June 2021) Read The Reviews!

Is Archies Footwear Legit (June 2021) Read The Reviews!

Is Archies Footwear Legit (June 2021) Read The Reviews! >>  In the article, we mentioned all the key points about the web portal and its product which will guide you; for more updates, continue to read the blog.

Hello readers, here we are talking about a digital portal offering footwear for both men and women. Web portal introduces various kind of footwear with standard quality at an affordable price. The United Kingdom and the United States are frequently using the footwears of this web portal.

Here is the matter of discussion is thatIs Archies Footwear Legit? If you want to know more about the web portal, check the overview of website popularity and its reviews.

Is the web portal Archies Footwear Legit?

  • Domain Age: It is created on 15.05.2012.
  • Trust score: – It is good to 86%.
  • Address Details: Address is not mentioned.
  • Contact Number: Buyers can contact via the contact us page
  • Email Id: Not mentioned on the site but you can get it on its Facebook page. 
  • Duplicate Site: Nothing like the same has been found.
  • Reviews: It has testimonials on the leading social media sites, and all are positive.
  • Social Media Channels: It has a web page on leading social media sites like Facebook. 
  • Product availability Date: It is not mentioned on the brand site.

Hence, the question is- Is Archies Footwear LegitBased on the information mentioned above we find a lack of contact information. But from the Facebook page we gather enough positive reviews about the product which seems the website is legit. 

What is Archies Footwear?

The footwear of this brand is made up of foam which is very comfortable for men and women. The key point of the footwear of Archies is to make footwear that makes your walking easy without any muscular stretching. So, once you started to wear the Archies footwear, you don’t want to switch to any other brand.

After searching the Archies Footwear Reviewswe can say that the product is awesome. Many podiatrists suggest to their patients suffering from foot conditions to wear this soft and comfortable footwear, which releases stress from muscles.

Those peoples who want soft and comfortable thongs they are moving towards the Archies products.


  • Type of Portal: This is an online website which offers all kind of women’s and men’s footwear.
  • Address: It is not mentioned.
  • Website:
  • Email Address: Not mentioned on the portal. You can check the email on the Facebook page and it is
  • Contact Number: not mentioned.
  • Replace: If any complaint regarding the product size and color replacement policy is available.
  • Exchange: In Archies Footwear Reviewsit is available, and the product should be in brand new condition.
  • Order Cancellation: Not mentioned.
  • Delivery Policy: It can be delivered within 4 to 5 days after placing your order.
  • Return Policy: It is available within 30 days after receiving the product.
  • Refund: It is available; you have to provide the order number of your order for a refund.
  • Payment Methods: Amex, G Pay, Visa Card etc.

Pros of the web portal:

  • This web portal is very old and popular among American citizens.
  • It is an online store which are offering soft and comfortable footwear to customers.
  • Archies Footwear Reviews are available on social media sites, which is beneficial for the customers.
  • Health professionals are advising their patients to wear the Archies footwear for relieving foot pain.
  • If we talk about the trust of the product, then the trust score is excellent.
  • To date the total likes of the Facebook page is more than one lac.

Cons of the web portal:

  • The web portal does not contain an address
  • Buyers will find it difficult to contact directly with the customer due to the absence of a phone number, and email id on the site. 

What Customers Review Says on Is Archies Footwear Legit or not?

It is an online shopping portal that makes it easy to shop worldwide. Social media leading sites contain all positive reviews of customers. Customers are fully satisfied with its flip flop, which is made up of highly specialized foam and flexible becomes mold to the shape of your foot and has great arch support.

We found a separate page of the web portal on the social media leading site Facebook and customers shared all their positive experiences in the comment section.   

All the positive reviews are favoring the site, and we can suggest you shop. To know the credibility of the website, visit here

The Closing Verdict:

This portal presents footwear with great comfort and quality, but before they start a deal, customers should consider the main points about the website that Is Archies Footwear Legit and also If you have faced a PayPal scam, read here.  

Which site would you prefer to shop Footwears? Have you faced a Credit Card scam? Read here and also comment here. 

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