Is Akosgo Legit {July 2021} Read The Full Reviews!

Is Akosgo Legit {July 2021} Read The Full Reviews! >> This post will enlist every aspect of this online store and help you to come to a decision, to buy anything from here or not.

We all need so many things to make our home complete, whether in the kitchen or the garden. There is the décor, the equipment, and so many things. Even personal care items are necessary for every one of us. Well, there is a single stop for all your needs. 

Akosgo is a United States based multi-product store, which caters to the need of people like us who like to make their homes compete.

But before buying anything from this website, please read this article about Is Akosgo Legit.


Akosgo has been online since 26-05-2021, which is fairly recent and, thus, can’t be trusted blindly. Few points are discussed below, which clears some doubts:

  • Online reviews: Very few product reviews or website reviews are found anywhere.
  • Trust rank: The website has gained a trust rank of 1%, which is very bad. 
  • Privacy & security: The privacy is somewhat secured, and it uses HTTPS protocol.
  • Social networks:  Social media presence is non-existent, and the links on the website are fake.
  • Design: The website’s design is very bland, and, in some places, it also seems like a scam.

All of the above-discussed points clearly indicate that Akosgo is not a website to be trusted, also no online Akosgo Reviews can provide concrete evidence for its authenticity.


Akosgo is an online wide-variety store based in the United States. It deals in various daily need products and equipment, which are listed below:

  • Ice nugget maker
  • 5-piece dining set
  • 4×4 off-road vehicle
  • Silicone masks and headgear
  • Mosquito and fly killer trap
  • Hair-color shampoo & foundation brush
  • Car polish and accessories
  • Water gun and various children’s games
  • Private fence

The products are sure very useful, but before buying them from this new website, please refer to this post to know Is Akosgo Legit.

Website Specifications

  • Buy daily use equipment and personal care products from:
  • Contact details, Email: Company name and address: Middle Bridge Limited, 1010 Cambourne Business Park, Great Cambourne, Cambridge, CB22 6DP, United Kingdom
  • No social media existence whatsoever.
  • Payment via PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. 
  • Shipping and return policy:
  • Shipping within 1-3 days after the payment is received. 
  • No shipping cost for orders above 59$.
  • Return policy of 14-days.
  • The customer has to pay to ship for the return.
  • Refund via original payment method in several days.
  • Very few products are reviewed by customers, and no online Akosgo Reviews are found.
  • Privacy policy:
  • Your location, device information, etc, are taken.
  • Stored data is used for showing ads.
  • Various EEA and EU laws are said to be followed.
  • Your stored data is shared among partners and third-party affiliates.
  • The policy is subject to change at any moment without prior notice.

Positive highlights:

  • Various multi-purpose products are available.
  • Special car and gardening equipment are available.
  • Company name, address, and email are given.
  • The shipping & return and privacy policy are well written.
  • Various discounts and offers are given.

Negative highlights clarifying Is Akosgo Legit.

  • The home page is not very well laid out.
  • The discounts offered are too much and seem fake.
  • Customers review very few products.
  • The number of days in which a refund is given is not specified.
  • Most products are unbranded. Thus, their quality is not trustworthy.
  • The website’s design and the product images used seems scam.


There are very few reviews for products by the customers on the official website. We can’t even find working social media links on the webpage. Apart from that, no other websites are seen that host any review of Akosgo, which makes us think Is Akosgo Legit. The website’s popularity is zero as no Alexa rank can be found. They sell original Bogg bags .

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Final Verdict

The website is registered on 26-05-21, and the trust the website earned is 1%, which is very low. The contact details and address are present, but the social media links are fake. Few product reviews are listed on the website, and no website reviews are seen while searching for them. All of these easily answer the question, Is Akosgo Legit.

Thus, it is advised by us that, you should not buy anything from this website as it is most probably a scam.

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4 thoughts on “Is Akosgo Legit {July 2021} Read The Full Reviews!”

  1. never never again buy from you guys. you are a scam . paid $57 dollars for folding chair, cane,,, for myself i need. per your add on line!!!??? i received a folding cane!!! contact by email… no return or folding chai cane??? i will let my senior groups stay away from this scam site.

    • Hi norma / nasser dehnadi, This is a trend by scam websites and they do scam people. It is bad it happened with you, but it is good you shared your experience at the right platform. Please read here about many such other scam websites before buying. Take care


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