iOS 14 Tips & Tricks – 10 Siri Shortcuts in iOS 14 to Make Your Life Easier

iOS 14 Tips & Tricks: Apple’s iPhone operating system 12 had introduced a lot of cool and new features with one of the most anticipated ones being Siri personal digital assistant shortcuts. With the release of the iOS 14 update, the shortcuts were updated and hence became more functional than before. Today we will be discussing those shortcuts and how you can use them to make your busy life a little bit easier.

Charge Faster:

This is a highly used feature by people who want to ensure that their iPhone charges up quickly without any damage to the internal battery. What this shortcut does is essentially switch off all radios like WiFi and Bluetooth and also lowers the screen brightness and the iPhone’s volume. This helps in reducing battery drain while charging and hence the battery charges faster without any damage.

Calendar Integrations:

This shortcut is much more useful than a simple calendar integration entry for it can work like your personal secretary taking notes on your behalf. Siri can show you if there is any of your friends birthday today, then it can also create events for you and it can even book appointments based on your schedule too. The possibilities are endless with this shortcut.

Cooking Partner

A lot of people resorted to cooking during the pandemic-induced lockdown and hence they were browsing through the internet for tips on cooking. This Siri shortcut does that only but intelligently. If you have an IoT-enabled smart fridge then Siri can integrate with that and remind you if any food recipe needs some additional ingredients or if any raw food product is nearing expiry or other cooking-related reminders. So all the complicated cooking-related stuff can easily be sorted using this shortcut. On a side note if you are looking to start your new business of selling wholesale iPhones then check this site out.

Power Saving Modes

Apple’s iOS has an intelligent ‘Low Power’ function which works very well when you don’t have access to a charger but needs the iPhone. This Siri function can further help you control this low power function. You can specify at what exact percentage of your battery life you want to enable this low power and super low power mode, thereby giving you more control over this feature.

Directions To Address 

This is a neat shortcut that integrates well enough with your calendar to show you relevant directions to events you are scheduled to attend that day. Simply tap on the event card you wish to navigate and your default map application will open up.

Time To Address

Just like direction to address this feature too helps you get to your favorite destination by letting you know how much approximate time it will take you to go there. You need not manually copy and paste the address manually in the Apple Map or Google Map or other Map apps any more thanks to this Siri shortcut.

Gaming Trick

Destiny is a multiplayer online interactive action game that is immensely popular among gamers. A user submitted this destiny shortcut for gamers who need help in finding in-game resources and rare items by simply asking Siri. Although limited in functionality, in the future iOS updates Siri can be used as a video game personal assistant too. Currently to use this feature ask Siri ‘Where’s the Agent of the Nine?’ and the shortcut will be activated.


A lot of people especially during the office rush hour do not get time to read the important news of the day. This Siri shortcut can help you. It can collect news from all over the net by using the RSS functionality. You can even customize exactly how much space the news bulletins will take and how many news stories to show you in your notification panel.

Work Location Reminders

This is a pretty handy feature. What this does is once you have set up your work location Siri will intelligently remind you of any events which you can set for this location once you are in the area of work.

Speed Dial

The default iPhone dialer app already has a speed dial functionality, but this Siri shortcut was made for giving users more control over this feature. If you are someone who calls a few of your friends and relatives frequently then you can save those contacts in this speed dial group and each time you activate this shortcut they will show up.


iOS has a lot of practical functions and with the Siri shortcuts, the whole operating system has become more powerful. First introduced in iOS 12 Siri’s Shortcuts have leveraged the Artificial Intelligence Engine and the Natural Language processing tools to become more advanced and intelligent than previously.

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