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There are many reasons why you should consider buying a stick vacuum cleaner. But, it also depends on your requirements. ionVac Fusion Clean Stick Vacuum is suitable if you want to clean indoor areas; it is easy to store, even elders can use ionVac 8413WMC due to its lightweight and size, and it makes less noise. 

ionVac vacuum in Canada may suit your requirements. Therefore, we bring exclusive details in this article about ionVac Fusion Clean Stick Vacuum Review.

About ionVac Fusion Clean Stick:

ionVac uses simple H.E.P.A technology filter for powerful cleaning. You can use it at the home, office and for cleaning cars. Its attachments can be assembled as an upright vacuum. It has low and high power modes for various cleaning requirements. It is lightweight and does not come with a bin bag. 

It makes the vacuum easy to clean. You can plug it upright for charging, and a single charge gives you thirty-five minutes of cleaning time. It comes with a limited twelve-month warranty. 

Ionvac Fusion Clean Stick Vacuum Review How to operate it?

  • Before every use, please charge it until its battery is full,
  • Remove the charging cord,
  • Assemble the attachments as per your cleaning requirements,
  • Switch it on and choose low (or) high power settings,
  • Clean the area,
  • Once cleaning is completed, empty the vacuum bin.
  • Attach the cord and keep it for recharging.

Specifications of ionVac Fusion Clean Stick:

  • Model Number – 8413WMC
  • Brand – ionVac
  • Original Price – $199.98
  • Assembled H x L x W – 28 x 7 x 10 inches
  • Assembled Weight – 4.5 lb
  • Battery Runtime – 30 to 39 minutes
  • Battery life – 0.6 hours
  • Bag Type – Bagless
  • Ionvac Fusion Clean Stick Vacuum Review its Capacity to be – 1.1343 cubic feet.
  • Cordless – Yes
  • Colors – Grey, Blue, Golden
  • Count of Accessories – Six
  • Supplier Warranty – Limited 12 months warranty
  • Filtration System – Dustbin and H.E.P.A. Filter 


  • Cleans furniture, tile, and hardwood floors easily.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is cordless, which helps in moving around the cleaning area.
  • It makes less noise.


  • It is expensive as adding a few more dollars to your budget can get you a canister vacuum.
  • The suction power is low compared to canister vacuums, and it worsens when the long stick is attached.
  • Ionvac Fusion Clean Stick Vacuum Review finds that its stick gets clogged regularly.
  • It is difficult to clean stairs and crevices as it is not flexible.
  • As it is cordless, you get limited cleaning time.

Is ionVac Fusion Clean Stick Effective and Valuable?

We have extensively researched the product and its brand to bring you the following details.

About the brand:

  • Tzumi brands its vacuum cleaners as ionVac. 
  • It is a more than 40 years old electronic company.
  • There are different variants of Tzumi ionVac vacuums.
  • The official website has a low suspicion profile, a positive highlight
  • The Alexa Ranking is 369,051, which is good.
  • Tzumi ionVac is a genuine brand.

About the product:

  • Ionvac Fusion Clean Stick Vacuum Review ascertains that the ionVac vacuums are sold on many shopping and social media sites.
  • Many customers had bought ionVac 8413WMC and provided their feedback.
  • There are online reviews for other ionVac vacuum. Model# 8413WMC may have been recently added due to which there are limited reviews.

ionVac 8413WMC Fusion Clean Stick Customer Reviews:

Over the internet and on trusted review sites, there are reviews posted for ionVac cordless vacuum cleaners. But, there are no reviews found specifically for model number 8413WMC, and there are no reviews posted on YouTube and Amazon.

On other shopping sites like, there are 14 Ionvac Fusion Clean Stick Vacuum Review that gives an average rating of 3.8 stars. The customers complained about poor battery, product not suitable for cleaning carpets and the suction pipe getting clogged, weak suction power, Etc. 

However, on Walmart (15 reviews) and the official Tzumi website (15 reviews), the product achieves a 5-star rating. As all reviews are positive, they are less reliable.


Due to good Alexa ranking, a long-time business in the market,low suspicion score, and the Tzumi ionVac brand social media presence makes it legitimate. As ionVac 8413WMC is sold on various online sites, and it is from a famous brand therefore seems a legitimate product. However, due to the average rating, we advise you to review product legitimacy points before purchasing.

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