Invisible Friends NFT {March 2022} Find statistics,Sales Detail

This article describes a collection of rare non-fungible tokens and the transactional activities behind these rare tokens. Read on Invisible Friends NFT.

Are you someone interested in buying non-fungible tokens as it cannot be duplicated and has a high value of uniqueness? Then, please read this article until the end to get a complete insight into this topic.

Unique token collectors and art token enthusiasts from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Netherlands are looking for value collections from creators that will increase its value in the coming years. Keep reading this article to know more on Invisible Friends NFT.

About Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends is an art collection that provides various NFTs. Interested buyers can purchase the NFTs created by them by paying their bids.  The value of the token increases according to the rarity of the token. Most rare tokens are expensive.

The rarity of the tokens is mentioned in points; more rarity points indicates that the token is extremely rare. The user can sort the price of the tokens from the respective NFT platforms and purchase the NFT token that has a balance between rarity and price in alignment.

Invisible Friends NFT

  • Invisible Friends has various rare NFTs that can be purchased from various NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea.
  • The price of the NFTs is mentioned in the marketplace, and if there is more than one bidder, then the highest bidder gets the NFT for the last bid price.
  • The buyer can hold the NFT for a high period, and if the demand of that particular NFT rises, the NFT owner has the right to sell it to another potential buyer for a much higher price.

Invisible Friends Statistics

  • In the last seven days, the creators sold five Invisible Friends NFT.
  • The total sales volume is $386.75.
  • The average price of NFT is $77.3.
  • There are 19 owners for the NFTs created by Invisible Friends.
  • The Total Supply number of tokens is 69.
  • The floor price of tokens is 0.02.

 Major NFT Sales

Invisible Friend 069 is the costliest NFT sold by Invisible Friends. This NFT cost $295. All these NFT sales took place in the OpenSea NFT marketplace. The other major NFT sales are mentioned below: 

  • Invisible Friend 066: $128.
  • Invisible Friend 026: $92.
  • Invisible Friend 023: $86. Learn more on Invisible Friends NFT.
  • Invisible Friend 022: $86.
  • Invisible Friend 004: $85.
  • Invisible Friend 068: $85.
  • Invisible Friend 027: $84.
  • Invisible Friend 005: $83
  • Invisible Friend 034: $80
  • Invisible Friend 048: $80
  • Invisible Friend 033: $62
  • Invisible Friend 006: $81, This is the latest NFT sold by Invisible friends. 


NFT marketplace has been gaining massive dominance recently as many celebrities, sports sponsors, clubs, and social media influencers purchased various rare NFTs available in the NFT marketplace. To know more about this process, please visit.

Have you purchased any NFT from the NFT marketplace similar to Invisible Friends NFT? If yes, please comment below.

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