5 Things You Should Be Looking For In Your Internet Security Suite

Internet Security Suite: Enjoying the online experience is all good until you realize you’ve been hacked and all of your data has either been stolen or deleted. Let’s not put your luck to the test because not having an internet security suite in 2022 is like telling thieves that your house is unlocked.

That is why you should focus on acquiring a security suite to protect yourself from online attacks. However, you can’t just go and buy something right from the shelves. Choose a security suite of a reliable brand or even ask your internet provider to give you one.

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Don’t fret because we shall be covering some of the features next so that you can get an idea of what to expect from one even if you’re getting it from the market or any other provider. So, let’s check these out:

The first thing you need from your security suite is antivirus protection. This will help you protect yourself from any sort of pesky viruses that can come to your device from the internet. Although most devices come with built-in antivirus, it’s good to have something on the defense too that you can count on in case the first one fails.

Most online viruses are hidden and are meant to exploit the users when they end up on a specific link or download a specific file. For instance, you might be looking for a patch to download for software. The hackers can use this opportunity to create a patch-looking virus.

Once you download and unload the files, the virus makes itself at home on your device, ultimately damaging it. That is why you shouldn’t download such files, especially those that appear fishy and do not come from a trusted source. 

You should also avoid visiting sites that are unprotected (the URL states this warning) since these carry a maximum chance of viruses just waiting to be downloaded or even sometimes ambush the users.

  • Malware/ Ransomware Protection

There’s a virus, then there’s malware. In simple terms, all viruses are malware and the type of malware is identified based on how it’s being used. For instance, the malware used for damaging or corrupting the device of the users is called the virus.

On the other hand, some malware is used to extort money from the users by corrupting their files and leaving behind a note for the transaction. This is called ransomware as the entire process involves asking for ransom from the victim.

That is why your security suite must offer a good deal of ransomware protection too so that you don’t end up losing your files or extorting money. A good security suite minimizes such files, threats, and web results that may even cause suspicion that it may carry malware.

  • Spyware Protection

Another kind of malware is spyware that, as evident from the name, is used to monitor your device. Yes! Probably someone is watching through that webcam of yours; however, it’s already quite controversially famous after the discovery of security agencies and even social media platforms collecting user information.

Anyways, your security suite should be competitive enough to provide spyware protection. Such protection doesn’t allow malware or any unauthorized person to access the microphone or the camera on your device.

In addition, it protects your device from such users accessing information through various means whilst minimizing any sort of unauthorized tracking. In doing so, you should abstain from entering sensitive information into apps, especially third-party ones because they can be used for this purpose.

  • Enhanced Firewall

Another good thing to look for in your security suite is enhanced firewall protection. A firewall is like the sentry of your device that is meant to protect your device from anything that has bypassed primary defenses.

As a result, the firewall permanently disables the program, app, or anything that seems to be fishy in nature. You might’ve experienced this when running third-party applications because they usually seem fishy and your device’s firewall doesn’t allow you to run them.

Therefore, having strong firewall protection is a good idea since it’ll ultimately protect your device from such menaces.

  • Parental Controls

Lastly, many users with kids often demand that their security suite comes with parental control options. These options allow parents to control their access to the internet with their children as well as monitor their presence online.

It allows the parents to create customized profiles with time limitations. Hence, children are only allowed a specific time on the internet, bypassing it automatically locks the profile. In addition to this, during the time the child is logged in, the profile creates data of the sites that have been accessed.

It makes it easier for the parents to know what their children are up to. Moreover, parents can blacklist certain inappropriate sites as needed, making the internet experience safer for their children. In addition to this, the above menaces occur most commonly because children often click on links, which leads to unauthorized persons accessing the network.

Closing Thoughts

Having a robust security suite is quite important in today’s world. You can not only save your precious data but also prevent yourself from falling prey to identity theft. Therefore, invest in a good security suite that provides at least the abovementioned protective measures for sure!

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