Inswear Reviews (Nov 2021) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

Inswear Online website Reviews

Are you organizing a theme-based party at your home? Want to buy related items? But, first, please go through Inswear Reviews

Do you want a Halloween costume for your next party? Do you want decoration items also? Stay tuned until the end of the post to understand the website’s legitimacy.

Theme-based costume, party decoration, and so on is in trend. The online portal provides facilities for the same in the discount with a wide range of collections worldwide, including the United States.

Here we will check Inswear Reviews for the website that claims to offer the best collection of the items such as costumes, decor items and much more.

A Few Lines About Inswear

Inswear is an ecommerce podium for Halloween costume lovers, also claiming a collection of decoration, accessories, theme-based dresses and a few more. 

Presently it is serving facilities in multiple countries such as the United States. It also offers a coupon code on buying 2 get 10% discount or buy two and get 15% discount.

Let us collect the points that can tell us about the truth: Is Inswear Legit or fake?

Features About Inswear

  • The URL of the Inswear is
  • The email support for any communication is
  • The company address for any direct inquiry has been shared on the portal, i.e., Building 3-1049, No. 19 Siping South Road,Jinshan District, Shanghai, China -201515.
  • The contact number is +8613816244738.
  • Inswear is holding a wide range of Halloween costumes, decoration items and so on with discount coupons.
  • Social media pages links have not been shared on the website, but during our research, we found the Facebook page active.
  • We found a few users’ Inswear Reviews on the internet and those are negative.
  • It accepts payment online only by PayPal. Also, in different currencies like USD, EURO, CAD and so on.
  • The website is fully secured by HTTPS and SSL integration protocols.
  • You can return/refund your product on disappointment within the seven days after receiving.
  • It has taken an estimated ten days to ship.

Positive Pointers of This Website

  • The website has launched a few years back on 30/07/2018.
  • It secured 75.7 trust rank out of 100, which looks above average.
  • All the communication modes have been shared on the official link for your inquiry.
  • It is offering discount coupons.
  • It secured 86% trust score which looks good.

Negative Pointers of The Website 

  • Shoppers’ Inswear Reviews are available on the internet, but all are unfavorable.
  • The website will expire soon on 30/07/2022.
  • The given office address is misleading us as not found on the internet search on map.
  • The article images and other content on the website are plagiarized that also on other portals.
  • The website is accepting the payment only by single payment mode PayPal.
  • There are no social media links shared on the online site.

Let us put steps toward the major question about the legitimacy of the portal.

Is Inswear Legit or Fake?

With the help of some details, we can conclude the legitimacy of the Inswear:

  • This online site is few years old but still no traffic, no publicity anywhere; only few comments and those are also negative.
  • The website secured a trust score of 86%.
  • The website holds a 75.7 trust rank out of 100, which looks good.
  • It will be expiring soon, on 30/07/2022.
  • There is no information about the founder, so we have no idea about the founder’s name.
  • It secured a zero Alexa rating on the internet.
  • User’s mindset is extant on the internet, but no one is in favor.

So, on the consideration of the above detailing, we can say the website looks dubious. So please do research well before placing any order from this portal and learn about all the users’ reviews.

Shoppers’ Inswear Reviews

Inswear is the online shopping portal that claims a collection of many different items like Halloween dresses, decoration items and much more in the discount on the particular products.

As we explored the internet, we found some negative feedback on the website’s Facebook page so it is hard to verify the outputs as in approximately three years there are only few outputs from the users and those are also negative.

Please learn the steps that would help you save your valuable money from PayPal scam.

Final Lines

Finally, we can wrap up this post by some major issues like unfavorable shopper’s Inswear Reviews found above average trust rank and score, unbelievable prices, misleading office address, etc., which makes the website quite shady and dubious.

Please visit here to protect your precious amount from credit card scam.

Are you using any decoration items from Inswear? If yes, please share your thoughts with us in the feedback box.

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