How Can Instant Payment Links Benefit Small Businesses To Collect Payments Without Having An Ecommerce Site?


The rapid growth of technology and digital advancements have resulted in a huge number of people opting to use digital means for their shopping and selling purposes. The Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdown have motivated several aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. 

Even small businesses that were doing their business offline before the pandemic started using the online platform nowadays. They can make use of online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart, or they can create their own website and develop their business. 

Many people are keen to open their own business and develop it as soon as possible. They believe that they should have a website to be able to collect payments online. But there are ways where merchants can accept online payments without the use of websites. 

These methods allow small businesses and start-ups to accept and manage payments securely and boost their businesses. Customers also didn’t have to download different payment apps to make payments every time. Some of the methods are, 

  • Payment links
  • QR codes
  • WhatsApp payment

What are instant payment links?

Payment links are nothing but payment request links generated by the merchant and shared with the customer to facilitate instant online payment gateway. Payment links are the easiest and quickest way to accept online payments without using a payment app or e-commerce website.

Payment links are usually in the form of digital links, QR codes or buy buttons and can be shared through websites, messaging apps, social media platforms and in person. When a customer clicks on a payment link, they are directed to the merchant’s checkout page, where they can make their payment.

Using a safe and secure payment gateway is important to facilitate a smooth transaction between the merchant and the customer. A payment link can accept several modes of payment, including credit/debit cards, UPI, Net Banking, etc. So choosing a payment gateway that provides a seamless and secure transaction is important for a smooth payment experience.

Some challenges faced by small businesses:

Running a business has become both easy and difficult for small businesses. On the one hand, they can improve their business by reaching a wider audience online. On the other hand, they had to adapt to digital advancements and satisfy their customers, needs. Small businesses can face the following challenges.

  1. Most customers today do not carry cash with them. They expect businesses to be able to accept online payments. So it is necessary for small businesses to have a website or a mobile app to accept online payments.
  2. Cash handling and cash transfer risk when making payments in the traditional methods like cash on delivery. 
  3. Customers now ask for home delivery and contactless payments. So small businesses had to adapt to such situations.
  4. Most people who own small businesses are not that familiar with technologies and only familiar with basic messaging apps like SMS, WhatsApp, etc.
  5. Small businesses have to spend money to install all the tech resources and web developers for their stores.

How do merchants benefit from instant payment links?

  • Security: 

The payment links are created and shared via a secure payment gateway. The payment gateways are encrypted with high-security standards that prevent fraud and robbery. The payment gateway should be PSI DSS compliant and follow all encryption standards.

  • Quick and seamless transactions:

Payment links are a fast and easy way for customers to transfer money to merchants. Having a secure and convenient payment method will increase customer satisfaction and help businesses flourish and grow. 

  • Affordable: 

Using a payment link eliminates the need for small businesses to buy and maintain expensive payment devices like POS terminals. It reduces setup and maintenance costs and eliminates the need for third-party payment applications.

  • Multiple payment methods:

Integrating your business account with a suitable payment gateway that provides multiple payment options facilitates easy and quick transactions. The payment gateway must be able to generate various payment methods like UPI, E-Wallets, card payments, Net Banking, etc.

  • Saves time and effort:

Using a payment link to accept payments can save time and effort for both merchants and customers. The customers need only click the link to make the payment instantly. Merchants can simultaneously send payment links to multiple customers through SMS, WhatsApp or emails.

Merchants don’t have to wait for customers to make the payment. They can just generate the payment link and send it to the customers using the purchase information and the amount.

  • Customer experience:

Generating payment links on-the-spot and enabling quick and secure payments can improve the overall customer experience. It is more convenient for the customers and can increase merchants’ customer base and revenue.

How do payment links work?

A payment link is easy to generate and share with the customers. It is a simple process that involves these simple steps.

  • The merchant generates a payment link.
  • The merchant shares the payment link with the customer through SMS, website or other messaging apps.
  • The customer receives the link and clicks on it to enter a secure payment page.
  • The customer makes the payment through a preferred payment method (UPI, E-Wallet, cards, Net Banking, etc).
  • After the transaction is completed, the merchant is notified of the process.

NTT DATA payment services:

As we have seen above, a payment link can help small businesses collect payments without an e-commerce website. So choosing a payment gateway that is both secure and allows a quick and easy transaction is important for merchants. NTT DATA payment services’ NTT DATA ppayment gatewaypgateway provides all the above benefits.

NTT DATA payment services are one aareall Iof the ruling “Omni channel” Payment Service providers. It enables a secure and uninterrupted trade outpour by providing multiple ways of payment gate ways to traders. Few of the payment methods provided by NTT  DATA are

  • Credit/debit cards
  • UPI
  • Net Banking
  • Google Pay
  • Wallet
  • Bharat QR, etc.

Through this, merchants can chase and manage online fees in an immediate and protected manner. It helps businesses improve owners’ sales and safeguards buyers’ data.

Final Verdict:

Enabling a quick and convenient mode of payment has become essential for the development of businesses. Using a payment link to accept payments bebeneficialficial for small businesses that don’t have an e-commerce website. If you a small business looking for a payment gateway, check out NTT DATA payment services for maximum benefits. 

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