5 Tools to Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

Measuring Hashtag performance is essential nowadays because of lots of competitive strategies. On Instagram, setting up a profile and gaining popularity is now a challenge for everyone. If you want to increase engagement and gain popularity on Instagram, it is essential to have a successful strategy. 

Hashtags tracking tools are a part of that strategy from which you can easily measure Instagram hashtag performance and increase your reach. Now, the question is why hashtags analysis is needed and the importance of this process. Let us brief you about this. This analysis will help you to track social media and strengthen your marketing campaign. 

You can also find famous and trending hashtags with these tools, and it will be straightforward to viral your post.

Let’s not wait more and explore some best tools to measure Instagram hashtag performance.

Top 5 Tools for Hashtag Analysis

1. RiteTag

RiteTag is one of the best hashtag tracker tools to increase engagement on Instagram. It allows you to monitor all the aspects of using hashtags in your posts. You can access various data like estimated statistics, influencers’ accounts using hashtags, in-depth analysis of hashtags, and many more. This data will help you to discover all the possibilities, and it will be convenient to gain popularity and increase your reach on Instagram.

This tool also comes with a browser extension from which you can discover the potentiality of hashtags.
As for the price of this tool, you can get a free version with limited features, and advanced features start from $49.

2. Hashtagify

Isn’t it great to discover trending hashtags without any hard work? Of course, it is. Hashtagify makes the process easier for you and search for top trending hashtags within a few seconds. 

The interface of this tool is straightforward to use, so you will not get any confusion. You will get two modes in this tool, the first one is basic, and the second is advanced.

In a simple package, you can get the popularity and general data of the primary hashtag. Advanced mode provides a deeper search where you also check weekly trends. With this tool, you can quickly increase your reach on Instagram. You can access all these features for free in Hashtagify, but for advanced services, the subscription starts from $9.99.

3. Keyhole

If you have to gain popularity on Instagram and increase your reach, you need to work on your Seo skills. Keyhole is a hashtag tracking tool to enhance your skills for performing better. Keyhole provides hashtag analysis that includes total posts, impressions, users, and your reach on Instagram. 

We all know that optimization is essential to increase engagement on Instagram. That’s why Keyhole comes with an optimization scenario from which you can quickly find the error and correct them on the spot.

Sometimes, many users face this issue where their account gets frozen. Their posts don’t get any engagement even though there are many followers. It happens due to the mistakes that are going on continuously. In this case, you need to focus on the right hashtags and optimization of your profile. Keyhole is the best tool to perform both tasks and increase your reach on Instagram. 

For the subscription, you can avail of its free trial, and pricing starts from $132 monthly.

4. Brand24

Brand24 is a tool that will help you to analyze hashtag performance in real-time. You can quickly monitor the performance of your hashtag with deep research. Everyone wants to gain popularity and increase engagement on Instagram. You should have beneficial tools to accomplish this goal. 

Brand24 helps you to explore the performance of hashtags. You can check your competitor’s hashtags, their analysis, and which will be the best for your posts. They provide a thorough analysis report of your profile with proper solutions to help you with the strategy.

You can avail its 14 days free trial period to experience the features. For the subscription, it starts from $49 with advanced features.

5. Awario

The last recommendation is our hashtags performance tool is Awario. Awario is one of the best tools to increase your reach and gain popularity on Instagram. This tool comes with different features to strengthen your strategy. With this excellent tool, you can explore the right hashtags relevant to your posts, monitor the performance in real-time, and discover analytics for your marketing campaign. 

Besides these features, you can also work on social media engagement and check out other influencers’ performances. If you want to be a brand ambassador or top influencer, this tool will help you to be the one.


Preparing the strategy and working continuously on that can be hectic, but it is all value of your time. The goal of being a top influencer needs lots of skills and hard work. Hashtags analysis tools make the process a little easier for you. 

We have suggested the top 5 tools to measure the performance of your hashtags. If you can do this, it will be easy to increase engagement on Instagram. As a result, you will get more followers as well. 

All tools come in an affordable price range and a free trial. So, if you have any confusion about the performance, you can easily avail of the free trial period and experience their features for free. It will be easy to decide on your Instagram account.

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