Inspiring Wanderlust With Your Resourceful And Enticing Travel Videos

Traveling is fun and making a travel video means recollecting special moments that you gather from each area engaging. 

Travel videos keep your viewers enthralled and eager to embark on the same journey. They are physical reminders that help you relive the best moments of your travel.

They are also the best way to drive traffic to your social channels and increase conversions if you run a travel business.

You must decide what kind of travel video you’re shooting before you start – will it be a theatrical, fast-paced, or inspiring video with little or no commentary?

There are lots of cool ideas to motivate wanderlust and help create great videos. This article explores how you can create travel videos and inspire wanderlust.

Things You Need to Make Travel Videos

Start With An Objective

  • Figure out what you want to do with your travel video
  • Who is going to watch your travel videos?
  • What emotions do you want to convey to your viewers at the end?

Camera Equipment

Decide on the appropriate camera equipment that is a more portable and lightweight system. 

Consider the right lens – a wide angle for landscapes and ample room for discreet close-ups. Adjusting your camera’s picture profile while driving is one of the most fundamental things to do.

Also, focus on color grading and experiment with the settings that work best for you.

Use the Stand for Your Camera

To take steady shots, you should use special equipment like a tripod to hold your camera tight, a gimbal stabilizer, or a shoulder mount.

Video Editing Tools

You must learn how to make photo videos online using the best editors if you’re just starting.

Ensure your video editor tool is well-equipped with advanced features such as voice-over, text-to-speech, and editable video templates, to create compelling videos.

Watch Many Travel Videos

Gain some travel-video-making experience by watching as many travel videos as possible. Watching inspirational travel videos enhances your creativity and creates something enticing for your audience.

Guide to Create Authentic and Awesome Travel Videos

Storyboard Your Travel Videos

Travel videos can be unpredictable. To deliver a compelling story, you need to study and plan carefully.

Always have a story in mind before hitting records because the human brain loves stories and is fascinated by seeing them through to the end. Such videos evoke emotions and give viewers the feeling of having seen those landscapes with their own eyes.

Don’t limit your travel video to scenic spots; make sure to establish a connection with your audience. With the help of a storyboard, you can elevate important elements of your video.

Think of a story that revolves around the local people, local food, culture, etc. You have to accept the chaos and spontaneity that follow the journey.

You must always have your camera at hand and capture as much as possible.

Use Natural Sounds

Make your travel videos a feat for the eyes by adding natural sounds – maybe of nature, local people, or just the comfort of a local village. Don’t miss out on the sound of nature that captivates the attention of everyone almost anywhere in the world.

These videos should allow viewers to imagine the sights and sounds of a place, making the audience feel as if they are present there.

Choose the Best Light

Carefully plan the time of day while filming. As recommended by several professionals, dawn and dusk (like a sunrise or sunset time-lapse) are the best times to film outdoors as the light is soft.

You can shoot indoors during the day as there is a good amount of light inside buildings.

Diversify Your Shot Types

Similar kinds of recordings will not delight your viewers and may look monotonous. Diversify your shots to keep your viewers engaged.

You can try different kinds of shots like:

  • Wide shots
  • Photos on a tripod
  • Close-up shots
  • Pan left, right, up, down
  • Action Photos
  • Shooting from a bird’s eye view
  • Point-of-view shooting
  • Time Lapse
  • Slow-spinning shots

Be Smart when Shooting

Shoot smart and follow some basic tricks, tips, and trends to create mesmerizing travel videos like:

  • Take the picture when the light is optimal to explore the best parts and features of a place
  • Obtain consent from everyone you photograph
  • Make sure your camera is stable; it’s better to shoot shorter but still clips rather than longer but shaky ones
  • The videos are about movement, so try adding motion by moving the camera
  • Save various recordings, and film from different angles
  • Be sure to review your images regularly
  • Always take a backup

Edit Your Video Well by Making Meaningful Connections

Edit your videos professionally and establish smooth transitions between clips. You can either use a photo video maker with music online.

Free photos to video makers tool can help you link your clips and edit the following:

  • The movement of an object
  • The direction of the camera
  • The right shape, color, background, and lighting
  • Choosing the dominant color
  • Trace of the eyes

Find good music to create a complete experience and evoke the right sentiment within people while they are watching the masterpiece you just created. Find royalty-free tracks that match the edited clip and ensure everything fits together.

Create a single flow through, apply an inherent structure, and cautiously link and edit it from there. Whether you are using your mobile or a professional camera, you must edit the content well for more professional-looking video output.

Don’t forget to use the storyboard when editing to avoid losing important photos.

Focus on The Duration of The Video

Don’t focus on the length of the travel video; instead, focus on the duration. Especially if you are creating travel videos for your audience on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you must adhere to the permissible time limits as suggested by each platform.

You can use a professional photo video maker to cut the video into a short video or split it into smaller parts and create a story that you can post in multiple parts. You can also create a vlog or YouTube channel and invite your target audience to watch your full video.

Export It the Right Way

A poorly exported video can ruin your hard work. Choose the appropriate sequencing during editing, and export it using the right frame rate.

Use various formats to back up your travel videos and don’t try and compress them to MP4 as the social media platforms will further compress them. Preserve the grain quality in your travel videos and make an epic travel video.

Post It on The Right Channels

Now that you are ready with your travel video, you must post it to the world for them to appreciate your creativity and enjoy your travel experience.

You can increase traffic in the first 24 hours and get as many views, likes, and comments as possible from day one. Don’t ignore the SEO in terms of traffic.

Consider the following while sharing your video:

  • Optimize videos with keywords for filename, title, description, tags, thumbnail, and subtitle
  • Send your video to your mailing list
  • Share your video on social networks
  • Create memes or infographics


Creating a travel video is an amazing way to drive traffic, build brand awareness, and enhance audience engagement. It is a simple process, but the hardest part is to initiate. Follow the tip and recommendations given above. Be prepared before you think of proceeding with your travel video, edit it well, and follow all relevant steps necessary to create a mind-blowing, impressive, and inspirational travel video.

Finally, inspire wanderlust with your talent and skill of creating an outstanding travel video that encourages engagement, interaction, and the awe-factor your audience needs.

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