Legit (Sep) Avoid Phishing Emails!

The guide shares details about the new online email scam to help readers know Legit or spam.

Apple Inc is a reputed and globally acclaimed brand focused on designing patented electronic devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. However, fraudsters and online scammers are misusing the reputation and brand name of Apple. 

Scammers are sending email messages to many Apple users in the United States and urging them to share their Apple ID and other confidential details. Users are receiving emails from the ID

So, they are taking the discussion forum to know if Legit or scam. We have evaluated the ID online and found it a scam ID that has nothing to do with Apple Server.

What is is the new email address or ID used by online scammers to send emails to many Apple users across the United States. The phishing email address created by online scammers to send scam emails to users to steal their Apple ID and other details. 

Scammers use the brand name Apple in the email ID to make it appear genuine, and recipients can easily fall prey to their scam. But, it is urged that recipients of the email must stay alert of such scams.

Is spam?

After evaluating, we found that is a legitimate official website of Apple Inc. However, scammers are adding insideapple in the URL and sending scam emails via In that case, it is considered as a spam ID and not legit. 

Besides, many other things make it a spam ID and not legit. 

  • Apple emails always address their recipients with their name, not by using terms like Dear Client or Dear Customer.
  • Secondly, Apple Inc sends an email to their customers from official ID without prefixes like insideapple.

So, the answer to Legit or scam is that it is a scam email address not associated with the Apple server. 

How to Spot is a Spam?

Phishing emails are easy to spot, and if you use a few simple steps, you can easily spot phishing emails from scammers. 

  • Check the email and see how the sender has addressed you, whether by your name or Dear Customer or Dear Client. Apple always sends emails with the real name of recipients to address them. 
  • Check the Show Header to see from where the email has been originated. Apple emails always originate from an IP address that starts with the number “17.”
  • Phishing emails or spam emails always comprise account suspension threats to panic the recipients, and as a result, they click on the suspicious link without thinking twice.  


If you suspect any suspicious activity with your Apple ID or you have been receiving spam emails, report it immediately to

Apart from reporting the spam emails to Apple, you also need to report the same to Federal Trade Commission or your local law enforcement agency to detect and prevent such spamming in the future. So, the question Legit or scam has been answered. You must always stay alert with the right knowledge to protect yourself from a scam.

Have you received any such spam emails? How did you report it? Would you mind sharing the processes in the comment section?

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