Innovative Refund Solutions Legit (Nov 2022) Check All Aspect

The guide shares details to help people know if Innovative Refund Solutions Legit or a scam company.

Many taxpayers in the United States have received several refund emails from unknown sources and IDs. There is a new online scam involving huge tax refunds being deposited in the bank accounts of taxpayers.

The scammers are using different methods to scam the taxpayers and steal their information and money. Recently, many people also reported an email from Innovative Refund Solutions that claims taxpayers have a refund that is waiting for a confirmation.

People who have received the refund email are worried and want to know if Innovative Refund Solutions Legit or a scam.   

What are Innovative Refund Solutions?

Innovative Refund Solutions is a firm that claims to help people get their tax refunds easily. They claim to help people in the documentation process and manage the process of a tax refund. The company focuses on managing the documentation of the taxpayers and helps them get the eligible refunds out of their taxes.     

The company has been claiming to help people recover and protect their assets since 2003. But, after evaluating, we found that the portal was only registered 83 days ago, on 6th October 2021. So, it seems the company is making false claims.  

Is Innovative Refund Solutions Legit or a Scam?

Before dealing with a company where money is involved, people often prefer checking their legitimacy. Innovative Refund Solutions is based in the United States, and eligible taxpayers are looking for more details to evaluate its legitimacy.  

  • The company registered its portal on 6th Oct 2021, 83 days ago, and hence trusting a new website like Innovative Refund Solutions can be risky. 
  • The domain has the validity till 6th October 2022.
  • The trust index of the website is only 1%, and it indicates a red flag.
  • There are reviews against the firm, and hence people want to know if Innovative Refund Solutions Legit or a scam. 
  • According to many reviews and comments, Innovative Refund Solutions is possibly a phishing and scam website that is sending emails to many people for the sake of doing a scam. 

Based on these findings, we can’t consider Innovative Refund Solutions is a legit firm.

What Customers Have to Say?

After reviewing online, we found many comments on the discussion forum, and based on the comments; the company appears to be a scam and not legit. 

Many people said they are sending emails to inform taxpayers that they have a refund waiting. Some said they are sending refund notifications to people at their mailing addresses. After getting such notifications and emails, they want to know if Innovative Refund Solutions Legit or a scam.   

Many people are saying that the website is a scam. So, we urge people to research properly before using its services to avoid possible online scams. 


Innovative Refund Solutions claim to be a firm to help people recover the lost funds. It claims to make the refund process easier. However, many comments and discussions consider it a scam and not legit.  

Based on the analysis and comments from the users, we can’t consider Innovative Refund Solutions Legit as it appears to be suspicious and possibly a phishing and scam website. So, research before using and learn How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.   

What do you have to say about Innovative Refund Solutions? Please, share it in the comment section.

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  1. Contacted them after receipt of their letter claiming they could recover some funds: however, prior to my call, searching all official state sites, is obvious no funds are owed me. Further, although the state of Texas prohibits such companies from claiming more than 10% of the recovered amount as their fees, they told me their fee would be FIFTY percent. When I advised the rep of this law she poo-pooed my statement and claimed that didn’t apply to them.


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