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Are you aware of the New Profile Pic app doing rounds across the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom? As per sources, the new app enables users to transform their profile pictures into artwork and upload it on their social media profiles.

However, there have been concerns raised about the application being a scam and threatening users’ cybersecurity. How is Informe Laboratories Inc connected with the app?

Well, we will be elaborating on the same in the coming section. Thus, continue to read.

Why is Informe Laboratories in the news?

A new application called the New Profile Pic app had turned the internet users crazy. The app that turned viral at the start of May 2022 has been quoted to be a scam. The app allows users to convert their profile pictures into either artwork or cartoon portraits by using an AI.

As per research and further checking about the application, we discovered that the application was developed by a company called Informe Laboratories Inc Country which is based in New Zealand. In the coming sections, we will elaborate on why the company is in the news and more details about the app. 

More details about the company

  • On further checking the internet, we found certain information surrounding the application.
  • The same company also developed other applications like ToonMe Cartoon Photo Editor, Access Browser, Face Switch Face Editor, and AIportraits.
  • However, the app’s website is currently registered with Linerock Investments.
  • As per research, the company is based in Moscow, which is in proximity to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

Informe Laboratories Inc – Know More Details

As per sources, the website is registered with Linerock Investments, which is near Russia’s Ministry of Defence. That has brought the New Profile Pic App under the scanner of cyber security.

Based on the inputs given by Jake Moore, who is the Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security, it is still unclear if the website and the app are affiliated. However, they have warned users to be cautious before uploading personal data or photographs.

There is a rumour about the app capturing users’ faces in high resolution and capturing face features and data. However, the app developed by Informe Laboratories Inc Country is based in New Zealand and has a website registered with Linerock Investments located in Moscow, Russia.

Final Conclusion

With the advancement of technology, users need to be cautious when sharing any details online. Whether it is an app or a website, information is being stolen and used for malicious purposes. Hence, we recommend users be vigilant and take complete care before using any application.

We hope this article provides sufficient information about why the company is in the news and the controversy surrounding the application. Do you want to know more about Informe Laboratories Inc? Then read.

Have you used the app? Do share your thoughts, views and experience in the comments section below.

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