Igor Wiki Bogdanoff {Jan} Read His Complete Life History

This article on Igor Wiki Bogdanoff will tell you about Igor and his twin brother’s life, career, net worth, and work-life.

Covid has taken the lives of many people. Rich or poor, everyone stands the same for it. It has affected the lives of the rich and poor Worldwide. One such personality is Igor, who has recently lost his life due to Covid-19.

Igor Wiki Bogdanoff is our today’s article where you will get to know about the life, achievements, and death of Igor. So, if you are interested in learning about him, stay tuned with us.

Who is Igor Bogdanoff?

Igor Bogdanoff was born on August 29, 1949, in Saint-Lary, France. He finished his schooling from High school, and for further studies, he joined the University of Burgundy, where he acquired his Ph.D. in theoretical physics. His religion was not found, but he was a Virgo. He is a very well-known actor, producer, and writer. He married Amelie de Bourbon and had two children. She was his second wife. He had four children with his first wife.

More on Igor Wiki Bogdanoff

In this stanza, we will talk about their career, his net worth, Nationality, and the work of Igor. Beginning with his career, Igor stepped into the TV industry with his twin brother, where he hosted many television programs based on science fiction. He worked in Temps X, which had run successfully for a decade (1979-1989). He also launched a successful TV show named Rayons X, in 2002 on the French Channel.

If we talk about his net worth, that is estimated at around $3 million. Igor held French Nationality, but his religion is hidden. According to Igor Wiki Bogdanoff, we found that he had also gone through plastic surgery of cheekbones.

Cause of death

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Igor Bogdanoff died on January 3, 2022 (COVID 19). His twin sibling also lost his life six days before his death, that is, on December 28, 2021. They both died at the age of 72. They reported having symptoms and getting admitted to the hospital on December 15, 2021.

As per the reports, we found that these twin brothers were not vaccinated. Due to this, they got trapped by the Covid. As per Igor Wiki Bogdanoff, they tested positive and they were in a critical situation, battling for their lives.


These twin brothers had launched various publications. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • La mémoire double
  • Machine fantome
  • La Fin du hasard
  • La Pensée de Dieu
  • Le Visage de Dieu

All these publications were published in French, his native language. This is a brief list; these twin brothers publish many more publications.


Wrapping up this content, we can find the life history of Igor Bogdanoff and his twin brother. According to Igor Wiki Bogdanoff, they both spent time working on their career. But, unfortunately, they are no more with us. More information regarding Igor Bogdanoff can be seen on this page.  

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