If America Had Six Political Parties {Sep 2021} Read!

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Are you curious to know the answer to Twitter’s trending question these days about the political system of the United States? Then have your focus on today’s article that discusses how the American political parties would have functioned if they were split into independent parties?

The breakdown of the two-party system due to pandemics has brought several opinions to the vision. However, there is no time to fix this broken system, but an alternative option to introduce a multi-party system can be considered. But what If America Had Six Political Parties

Let’s explore and find the answer!

What is the six-party system?

In 1932, when America follows the fifth party system, it was genuine to think how the political parties would work if the six-party system was established. Possibly, it will create a division between the republic and democratic parties that play their crucial role in resolving the racial, socio-economic, and cultural issues.

However, this party system was characterized by clashes as it was challenging to decide which group of society would enjoy power, finance the campaigns and make variations in the rules.

What are the differences that can lead to a six-party system?

Before analyzing the situation of what If America Had Six Political Parties, the question that strikes the mind is the reasons that can develop this multi-party system in America. 

Earlier, the country favored the two-party system at the national level, and things were pretty different at that time. The great differences in opinions are viewed in the parties when both discuss their agendas, which creates tension and clashes usually hidden behind the scenes. 

What if these differences had opened the gateways of the six-party system? To know the answer, let’s have a look at the next section.

What If America Had Six Political Parties?

The six-party system makes sense as three factions can be put under republicans and the remaining ones in democrats. It will establish a system of independent parties. Let’s see what these parties could be 

  • The Populist- Nationalist Party – if this party were independent, the populist-nationalist would-be counterparts of America to Marine Le Pen’s rally of France, league of Matteo Salvini in Italy.
  • The Internationalist Conservative Party – Being favored by the big wealthy businessmen, GOP donors have been an independent party it would have overlap with parties of Europe.
  • The Religious Right Party – If America Had Six Political Parties, then being one of them, this party would have played the same role as Israel’s political parties.
  • The social democratic party – The faction would have focused more on the proposals that include high-income taxes, wealth tax, healthcare services for single-payer, and other economic issues.
  • The Internationalist Progressive Party – shares the agendas with social democrats by emphasizing identity politics.
  • The Centrist Working Class Party – The faction was created to focus on healthcare policies, social security and organise programs to uplift the issues.


So, by sharing the details of the political system, we tried our best to answer what If America Had Six Political Parties. If you are curious to know people’s opinions, do visit the Twitter Account of NYT .

What are your views about the political system of America? Comment and share with us. 

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