Iconic Mystery Box Review {Feb} Check If It Is Legit?

The following research on Iconic Mystery Box Review will let you know about the legitimacy, reliability, and accuracy.

Are you interested in Pokemon cards? If you are one of those Pokemon fans, there is exciting news for you all. Iconic mystery box shops in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom will steal your heart with their collections.

Iconic Mystery Box Review will guide you on the collection sold by this shop and the features, pros and cons, and legitimacy details of the Iconic shop. So, if you want to know more about it, please read this article.

Brief of Iconic Mystery Box shop

The iconic mystery box is an online shop that has explained its meaning in its name. This shop sells a mystery box that contains exciting cards of multiple games. If you are a young kid and are interested in buying such vintage cards, please visit this shop once. They sell products like:

  • Ja Morant and Zion Williamson card Box
  • Pokemon iconic mystery box
  • Booster pack box
  • Charizard box

Is Iconic Mystery Box Legit? Before you pay any money to this shop, you must know if this site is safe to share your bank account details. How would you know if this site is safe? You might get attracted by their collection, but nothing costs more than your money. So, it is advised to all the buyers to check every detail before making any payment.

Features of Iconic Mystery Box shop

  • Purchase cards from https://www.iconicmysterybox.com/.
  • Email address of iconic mystery shop: support@iconicmysterybox.com
  • The location, owner’s details, and phone number are not mentioned in the layout. This makes this website lousy and the least trustworthy.
  • There is no Iconic Mystery Box Review in the cards sold by this website. Also, there is no relevant information found on the internet site.
  • Return/refund policy:
  • A ten-day return policy is applicable.
  • A 25% restocking fee is charged. 
  • Shipment policy:
  • Due to a large number of orders, Shipping might take twenty days.
  • Return shipping is also charged.
  • Payment options are unavailable.

Positive Highlights

  • Email address is mentioned.

Negative Highlights

  • Address, owner’s details, and phone number are not found.
  • Restocking fee and return shipping cost are charged. 
  • Accounts on social media do not contain relevant information.
  • No reviews can be seen on the website.
  • Many policies were missing. Also, payment options are unavailable.

Is Iconic Mystery Box Legit?

Many young people are huge fans of Games like Pokemon, but nothing is more important than your bank account. Unfortunately, many fraudsters have an eye on the money of people. They make fake websites aim to misuse your account information and scam you. So, you need to be aware. For that, you must read this article before you buy any item.

  • Website registration: July 9, 2021, is the iconic mystery box’s registration date. The website is seven months old.
  • Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC is the registrar of the Iconic Mystery Box Shop.
  • Trust Score: The shop got a very poor trust index of 1%.
  • Customer’s feedback: We could not find any Iconic Mystery Box Review in the cards sold by them. They do not have reviews on other sites on the internet.
  • Social accounts: There are accounts on Facebook and Instagram, but they do not have any relevant reviews or other information.
  • Data safety: The website uses the HTTPS protocol to ensure data safety.
  • Privacy policy: No separate section of Privacy Policy can be seen on their layout. Other policies like return, Shipping, are not explained properly. Other policies are missing.
  • Missing information: Only Email is provided by the website. No address or phone number is found on its layout.

Iconic Mystery Box Review

Iconic mystery shop has provided Email to take queries, but address and phone number are not found. Also, the real identity of the owner is missing. The site has icons of social media on its layout. These accounts are relevant, but they do not contain any reviews and relevant information. The site does not have any reviews on their items, and no information was collected from internet sites.

The ranking is extremely poor in Alexa, and it is not a famous site. To know more about credit card scams, please click here.

Final Summary

Based on Iconic Mystery Box Review, it is found that the site has a poor life expectancy and an extremely poor trust score. The site is about seven months old. Therefore, we cannot recommend you this site. Please visit this page if you want to know more about the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

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