Icolor Hair Burbank (March) Decide Your Hairstyle Now!

Icolor Hair Burbank (March) Decide Your Hairstyle Now! >> Are you tired of looking for the best salons in your area? We have details about a worldwide popular hairstyling salon. 

Have you seen YouTube videos of famous worldwide barbers and hairstylists? Do you that celebrities and common people tend to travel across states or countries for their hairstyles? Icolor Hair Burbank has become a new famous business worldwide for all the good reasons. 

If you consider changing your hairstyle, you can read our post and, later, visit the salon to get it done. As of now, let’s start knowing the essential details about Icolor salon. 

Know Icolor Salon!

It is a hairstyling studio that caters to men’s and women’s needs. Although Icolor Salon is based in the United States, it is famous worldwide. Besides, you will be surprised to know that the salon is located in the Hollywood Region. In this manner, you can assume how many celebrities have the salon staff has styled. 

Specifications of Icolor Hair Burbank:

  • The salon is located at Burbank, United States, 929 N, CA 91505, Hollywood Way.
  • It is famous for blowout/dry services, hair extensions, and hair cutting. 
  • Icolorhair(dot)com is the official website
  • You can contact the hairstylists on (747) 477-1024.
  • The salon’s address is searchable on google. Besides, you can get accurate direction on Google Maps. 
  • You cannot make an appointment on Mondays because the salon is usually closed on that day. 
  • From Tuesday to Saturday, the salon operates from 9 AM to 8 PM. 
  • On Sundays, the salon works from 9 AM to 6:30 PM. 
  • Icolor Hair Burbank has received a 5-star rating on Yelp
  • You can also find more than 400 pictures of previous clients and salon works on Yelp. 

What services does the salon proffer?

The salon has recently started gaining popularity on social media platforms, particularly Instagram. In this manner, the salon has designed an official website that will be released soon. As of now, we know that the salon offers the following services:

  • Clip-in extension application
  • Conditioner and shampoo
  • Fusion extension application
  • Hair extension coloring
  • Hair extension consultation
  • Hair extension re-application
  • Hair extension removal
  • Hair extension treatments in Icolor Hair Burbank salon. 
  • Micro-link extension application
  • Natural extension application
  • Sew-in weave extension application
  • Tape-in extension application
  • Top piece extension application 

Is the salon available on social media?

As mentioned previously, the Icolor salon is trendy on social media platforms because of its work and location. Therefore, it certainly has social media accounts. However, we could only locate the salon’s Instagram handle. You can click here and visit the Instagram account!

Our Final Thoughts:

We genuinely appreciate the dedicated professionals that they put for their clients. Hence, anybody in the service industry only excels when humility is present. Icolor Hair Burbank is leaving no stone unturned to become more famous among the users. 

Can you travel far away to get a haircut, hair color, or hairstyle? Please share your fantasy or experience with us in the comment section! We are waiting for your response.

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