Icitra Kwsp Com My (July 2021) How Beneficial Is It?

Icitra Kwsp Com My (July 2021) How Beneficial Is It? >> This guide will help you to find out the details on the new online portal. Read now.

Are you facing some massive financial breakdowns or financial losses? No need to worry anymore because the Malaysian Government has introduced a new EPF scheme known as the Icitra for the citizens of Malaysia to help the public in their hard times. 

Here we will discuss the same Website Icitra Kwsp Com My In detail, so keep reading this guide till the end.

What is Icitra Kwsp gov My Website?

The Malaysian Government took the initiative to provide money for the eligible employees to get Employees provident funds in the future. Therefore, simply the Malaysian citizens who require cash in the current pandemic can now get their Employees Provident Fund (EPF) before their retirement. The money withdrawn now by the employees is from their own EPF, which will deduct from their provident fund savings. 

For the same initiative, the Government has introduced Icitra Kwsp Com My website. Therefore, you can complete all the necessary steps. The application will also show whether a citizen is eligible to receive money from this Icitra initiative or not.

How to login in Icitra website?

To use this online portal, you have to follow the necessary steps as mentioned below:-

  • At first, use the website URL https://icitra.kwsp.gov.my to reach the site.
  • To register, tap on the Application Button mentioned on the website.
  • For apparent reference, use the consumer guide section where EPF also provides pictures.
  • For checking approval and payment status, you can see the check application status if you have already registered before.

How to apply to Icitra Kwsp Com My website?

  • At first, visit the Icitra website.
  • There you can find two options, namely- MyKad / MyPR number and Passport Number / MyKAS.
  • For Malaysian citizens, you have to select Mylad/MyPR Number.
  • Then fill up with your mobile number and also select the mentioned code as listed on the website.
  • After that, you will receive an OTP on your Mobile number; fill up the OTP number section and press the confirm button.
  • After that, you will reach part 1, where you can withdraw the eligible amount displayed on your screen.
  • Hence, this is how you can apply to get the suitable amount. 

People’s reaction to Icitra

You can check the approval on Icitra Kwsp Com My website for getting the EPF. Further, according to the researcher, reactions of the Malaysian citizens can be said to be mixed on this new scheme or policy. Some people find the policy helpful, while others are not much enlightened by this new policy. Also, you can watch this online video to know more about Icitra online application which can provide more clarity about this news.

The Final verdict 

After the complete fact-finding process, the researcher has found that the application process for this Icitra is quite lengthy. Therefore, follow all the necessary steps mentioned in the Icitra Kwsp Com My website to get the eligible amount for the citizens who are liable to get the EPF. 

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