Icestone Reviews (Aug 2021) Is The Online Store Legit?

Icestone Reviews (Aug 2021) Is The Online Store Legit? >> Learn more about durable and sustainable surfaces before using them for your home and business.

Have you ever heard of durable and sustainable surfaces? Do you want an eco-friendly setting in your home or office?

Then, IceStone USA would help you obtaining durable and award-winning surfaces. IceStoneUSA is the brand that deals with recycled bottle countertops and is located in the United States

You will discover innovative possibilities when dealing with IceStone USA and get a healthy and durable surface for yourself and the environment.

Besides, read the statements of buyers in Icestone Reviews and check how magnificently the company has provided sustainable surfaces to help people get the safe and healthy environment and surroundings.

What Is IceStone USA?

IceStone USA, the company, provides ethical interiors for interior spaces designed traditionally and professionally, focusing on sustainable and healthy environments for the lives of its clients and the environment.

The company also understands its environmental responsibility and the requirement for ESID or environmentally sustainable interior design.

Its products have made the company the award-winning and premier distributor and manufacturer of countertop surfaces and a lot more. Also, explore Icestone Ceo and check their aims and dedication for the company. 

IceStone USA prioritizes consumers benefits by integrating sustainability practices in the manufacturing process and the products too.

So, let’s find out more about IceStone USA and its legitimacy and authenticity of the claims.

Specifications of the IceStone USA:

  • Website url-
  • Phone number- 718 624 4900
  • E-mail ID- 
  • Address- 63 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY- 11205, United States 
  • Shipping Policy- Not Available
  • Return Policy- Not Available
  • Social Media Appearance- Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Houzz, and LinkedIn.

Pros of IceStone USA:

  • IceStone USA deals with sustainable products. But, you must read Icestone Reviews to know more about the company.
  • The surfaces provided by IceStone USA are durable and eco-friendly.
  • The company focuses on the health of its consumers and the environment.
  • The materials used in its surfaces can be recycled.
  • IceStone USA offers surfaces with classic colors and cutting edge designs.
  • IceStone USA uses natural sunlight while producing its products.
  • It uses sustainable and recyclable products while producing its surfaces.
  • IceStone USA, a platform for sustainable surfaces, has much information available on many online platforms.

Cons of IceStone USA:

  • IceStone USA does not provide a policy or refund policy on its website.
  • Its domain does not have an e-mail address.
  • The surfaces offered by IceStone USA are expensive.

Who Is IceStone Ceo?

The CEO or Chief Executive Officer of IceStone USA is Anthony Weiner. The company is committed to providing the most beautiful and environmentally sustainable countertops made in Brooklyn, USA.

Is IceStone USA Legit?

The findings of IceStone USA, including the following:

  • The domain age of IceStone USA is November 11, 2011. 
  • It is about nine years and 278 days old.
  • The trust score of IceStone USA is 76%, which is a good sign for the website’s trustworthiness.
  • IceStone USA has gained 829 125 ranking over the trustable online platform of Alexa.
  • IceStone USA has social media appearance on many online platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Houzz, and LinkedIn.
  • The company has received a massive number of followers on its social media accounts and several positive opinions of the buyers.
  • It has almost 12% duplicate content.

From the above details, we can consider the site as legit. 

Icestone Reviews:

IceStone USA values its customers’ health and understands the need for environment-friendly products.

It received many positive reviews and opinions from consumers over IceStone’s online shopping platforms and many other established platforms.

Many IceStone’s customers also recommend durable and sustainable surfaces to others to make themselves and the environment healthy.  

Icestone USA uses natural sunlight to produce its sustainable surfaces, and its forklifts are hybrid or electric, making the customers believe and trust sustainable surfaces.

However, a few are also pessimistic about IceStone USA, so you must know how to Get Your Money Back From PayPal If You Get Scammed and explore Icestone Reviews

Also, you must read more about the company and read here to know about IceStone USA  

Final Verdict

IceStone USA deals with durable and sustainable surfaces. IceStone USA makes its surfaces with pigments, Portland cement, and 100% recycled glass. 

In addition, it uses natural sunlight and hybrid forklifts while manufacturing surfaces. 

But, if you find suspiciousness about IceStone USA and are you a Victim of Credit Card Fraud

Hence, you should be careful while dealing with IceStone USA and its surfaces. You need to check and verify the claims of its sustainable surfaces and check Icestone Reviews

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