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Icemat Dust Watch Review {Oct 2021} Is It Legit To Buy?

Icemat Dust Watch Online Product Review

Please read this article to know about the Icemat Dust Watch Review and its legitimacy.

Do you love accessories? Do you want a simple and stylish watch? Are you a watch collector or lover? Or do you love a minimalistic look with an attractive design? Then there is a website that claims to have watches with stardust design and a minimalistic approach in design.

The company is currently operating and shipping in the United Kingdom, and the United States has already turned the people’s heads. Read along this Icemat Dust Watch Review to know about the product, its reviews, and the website legitimacy.

What is the Icemat Dust Watch Collection?

The Icemat Dust Watch is a minimalist design watch with the dial having a stardust pattern in the night sky. The watch comes from a startup company called Outcarb. It has various watch collections of similar patterns and designs on its website. The watch looks premium and can be used by people of all genders. The watch has a round dial with a metal stain strap which looks like a belt as the chains are intertwined.

Icemat Dust Watch Review– What is its uniqueness?

The Icemat Dust Watch is a leap for the company, releasing only the “Outer Series” watches. The Icemat Dust Watch comes only in a single black color, perfect for casual or formal attire to level up the entire dress. 

The Icemat Dust Watch comes with a black stainless steel case with a forty-millimeter case size. The watch is slim, just eight millimeters in a round shape. The strap is one of the unique things as it is a black stainless steel wire mesh for comfort and durability.

Icemat Dust Watch Review– Specifications of the product:

  • Brand: The new Icemat Dust Watch is the addition to the Outcarb Company’s latest collection of watches.
  • Unique Features: The Icemat Dust Watch is unique in itself. It comes with a slim yet big round dial, perfect for enthusiasts who wish to have that big dial but with a lesser weight. The entire watch is in black, which makes it more attractive. The watch’s strap, a black wire mesh made of stainless steel, looks gorgeous and provides durability and comfort.
  • Extra features: Icemat Dust Watch Review shows that the watch has an interchangeable strap option, and the glass is hardened for additional protection. The battery operates the clock.
  • Pricing: According to the website, the Icemat Dust Watch is priced at US$150, but the current pricing is US$0.00, and this raises suspicion.

Pros and Cons of the Product:

The Pros and Cons of the product play an important role in deciding whether the product is genuine or how much it is reliable to buy the product.

PROS of the Watch:

  • The watch seems to be good in terms of design.
  • The watch specifications show that the watch can be durable.
  • Icemat Dust Watch Review shows that the wire mesh strap is designed to be durable and comfortable.
  • The company claims the watch to be impact-resistant and waterproof.

CONS of the watch:

  • The shipping estimation is not fixed; it depends on the mode of payment made.
  • The refund policy is also very complicated and is up to 30 days, provided that the watch is unused.
  • The pricing of the watch is also very suspicious since it is currently US$0.00, which is impossible.
  • Also, the website has privacy threats detected.

What is the legitimacy of the product?

While looking for the Icemat Dust Watch Review have found some points which can doubt this product’s legitimacy.  

  • The watch pricing is also very fishy, and it is impossible to get something at a US$0.00
  • The product’s founder details are absent; however, the contact details are provided.
  • The product might have an issue with the color, which might come off with the impact.
  • However, this product is also not available on trusted online portals.
  • Lastly, and importantly trust score for the product is also missing. 

Customer reviews:

We have not found a single customer review for this product on the official website. However, upon research, we found excitement among people for its arrival, but no reviews have been found. But, we recommend you buy after checking the website legitimacy. 


Based on Icemat Dust Watch Review, we can say that it will be wise to keep an eye out while buying products from such new websites. We have not found the product has a legitimate base. It would be wise to know the legitimacy of the product before buying it.

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