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Upon visiting the icy mountains and lands, the enthusiasts have found Ice Dragon Patagonia. If you want to know about this specie, please read further.

Do you know what animals in Iceland look like? If not, you will learn about an animal that lives on lceland and is rare worldwide. You would be surprised to know that the rare animal was found in the United States

If you live in the same area, you can go hicking with your friends and family or alone. We understand that rare animals are rare for a reason. Hence, we suggest you read our Ice Dragon Patagonia article until the end to learn about this rare animal.

What is Patagonia Dragon?

The Patagonian dragon is a primitive insect that spends its whole life within the Andean Southern Icefield’s glaciers. It is the only stonefly family’s wingless member with high glycerol concentrations in its blood. Patagonian Dragon feeds entirely on the algae particles growing in small crevices in the ice. It has a lifespan of about a hundred years. 

Because the Andean Southern Icefield region is remote and deserted, the insects that live there have received a very limited amount of research. Patagonian Ice Dragon was sheer good fortune for people to stumble and discover one that had emerged through the ice.

Science of the Discovery Obsession

The explorers’ obsession with the search for incredible inhabitants in extreme areas throughout the world has led to mythical creatures’ appearance such as Foot Large, the Yeti, Abominable Snowman, and other beasts on icy mountain deserts, at the bottom of unknown lakes or high latitudes of the planet. These mythical creatures have been linked to discovering amazing beasts in icy deserts.

Excited to know the features of Ice Dragon Patagonia

Although it is far away, unknown and immeasurable, it has not been foreign to the search for those strange people in this country. In 2001, a French expedition in Torres del Paine, looking for the secrets of the glaciers, discovered an incredible creature 40 meters under the ice surface. They called this incredible creature the “Dragon of Patagonia.”

The Discovery

Despite its extravagant name, the Patagonian dragon is a little bug measuring around 15 millimeters and scientifically known as Andiperla willinki. Based on a sample collected near the Upsala Glacier, Argentina, Patagonian Ice Dragon was initially described in 1956 by the French scientist Aubert Willink. This description was based on the specimen that was acquired. He had been under the impression for many years that the species had died out, but on a French expedition, he discovered it hiding in a crevice in a glacier and brought it back to prominence.


Ice Patagonia Dragon is surely the rarest insect in cold temperatures, mainly in Iceland or ice water. In our post, we have listed all the scientific and non-scientific details about this creature. Please share more on Ice Dragon Patagonia in the comment section. 

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