Hypixel Skyblock Isle Crimson {April} Patch Update .13!

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To know about the latest update on Hypixel Skyblock combat games, read the Hypixel Skyblock Isle Crimson post in detail.

The Hypixel Skyblock mini-game has grown into a full-fledged game and has gained immense popularity in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. The developer added the patch note .13 on Thursday, and it has many new things for Skyblock players.

The Blazing Fortress is replaced by a new island named Isle Crimson, and it has many new untold stories for gamers. This patch note is one of the largest releases by the Hypixel Skyblock Isle Crimson to date. Read below to know more.

Isle Crimson in Patch Note .13:

The Patch note added it on the 20th of April, and the player can access this island for combat. It’s a Nether combat location and is more complex than Blazing Fortress, which it has replaced. Some of the island features are listed below.

  • Factions – These are a new feature of the island and are divided into two divisions. Each faction lives on either side of the volcano and is named Barbarian and Mage.
  • Guards – They protect the faction and are passive until attacked.
  • Mini-bosses – They could be found on the isle and are involved in loot.

Crimson Armor Hypixel Skyblock:

Players require armour to protect themselves from their enemies, and it also allows the player to enhance their fighting capabilities during combat. Once on Isle Crimson, players can get armor near Key chest at the end of Kuudra Boss fight.

Some of the new armor released in the game are listed below.

  • Crimson – It will extend the range of players, and they can hit their enemy from a long distance.
  • Terror armor – This will give the player a look of an archer and will increase their fighting ability.
  • Hollow armor – It can be used as support armor and will be released in the coming days.

Crimson Armor Hypixel Skyblock is a new edition to the armour list in this combat game. It can play a significant role in enhancing their capability by increasing their fighting range.

How to enter Isle Crimson?

Since it is a new edition to the game and is accessible to the players after the 20th April, there is some prior requirement to enter this island. 

  • Players should enter the game from the Hypixel network by clicking the head button in the server selector menu.
  • Players should have cleared level 24 of the game to have access to this island.
  • Players should use the Launchpad to enter the island.

Hypixel Skyblock Isle Crimson Enemies:

The skyblock game is mainly used to enhance the players’ fighting skills, and there are several enemies on the island.

  • Ashfang – It’s a strong Blaze that lives behind the wasteland in the ruins of the old bastion.
  • Bladesoul – It is one of the strongest blazes in the game and has his body as a crown.
  • Mage outlaws – They are banned from Scarleton and love to show their power to opponents that challenge them. 


The game started as a mini-game to engage players while waiting for their partner and has become popular among online gamers. Hypixel Skyblock Isle Crimson update has added many new items to the game, and players can use them to enhance their combat skills.

Hypixel Skyblock players can share their views on the latest patch update in the comment section. 

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