Hyperphantasia: What Do Its Owners Feel?

How often can you meet such a “superpower,” and how to understand your capabilities? Consider the symptoms and privileges of unrealistic imagination.

Opportunities And Limitations For People With Hyperphantasia

How often do you think about something? Do you imagine any scenarios and pictures in your head? Our brain can perform so many functions that we may not even know about some, but we are 100% confident in the ability to represent something in our head. Of course, this opportunity can change, increase, or be transformed from person to person, so there are different concepts. You have often heard the name fantasy, which is used everywhere and always, and this is the definition of the average imagination. What about reinforced? This process is called hyperphantasia. A fantastic opportunity worth exploring in more detail.

Can I Have This Hyperphantasia?

Unfortunately, ultra-vivid imagination is a rare feature, just like an aphantasia, the so-called mind blindness. Let’s take a closer look at these 2 concepts. Hyperphantasia is the ability to construct vivid images, develop broad ideas, and visualize objects in detail. This phenomenon occurs in approximately 5% of people, while in an aphantasia, only 2-3%. In turn, aphantasia are people who don’t have a mind’s eye.

How Different From Ordinary Imagination

And yet, it is worth understanding the essence of this brain behavior. Or rather, how hyperphantasia manifests itself in real life, whether it helps or vice versa, complicates routine matters. What about its features?

  • The ability to represent objects and images in great detail;
  • Thanks to visualization, such people can see 360 ​​° and seem to look at things from different angles;
  • Present what you read clearly;
  • Success in the creative, entertainment, and sports fields;
  • Opportunity to discover new solutions and ideas.

Of course, these are good qualities; people with ultra imagination can become philosophers, professors, artists, etc. But besides the benefits, there are also bad qualities, for example, worsening concentration due to excessive daydreaming. The brain can create negative images that affect their owners’ mental health and emotions.

Tests And Verification Methods

There are many studies and theories in detecting a vivid imagination in a person. Some can only be done in the lab, and some you can try at home with friends and family. Let’s consider some of them.

Hearing Test

The test is whether you can reproduce the song with all its instruments and vocals in your head. You can take your favorite music and try playing it. It is imperative that as many details as possible are involved, for example, all the instruments, rhythm, and even the timbre and pitch with which this song was sung. All this detail will determine how vivid and accurate your imagination is.

Spatial Test

For this test, you can ask a friend for help to know the result. You need to choose any room you are familiar with and provide its design and arrangement. Once you have drawn the image, ask questions about the room’s lighting, whether there was a vase, whether there was something in it, and what is the color of the wall or the organizer on the table. The more details that pop into your head, the greater the chance for ultra fantasy.

Of course, if you pass the test yourself, this will not guarantee the correctness of your result. For a more accurate diagnosis, people undergo complex and multi-tasking tests.

What Will Help You Structure Your Fantasy?

MemoryOs provide additional interesting tests and information that can help you understand exactly if your brain has some superpower or just learn more about the human brain’s capabilities. The application will help improve memory and visual perception. After all, you can be the owner of hyperphantasia and not know about it for a long time.

Many people with hyperphantasia say that sometimes it is difficult to concentrate; fears and visions may torment them. Suppose you notice that hyperphantasia is bothering you. In that case, memoryOS will teach you a little control over the flow of thoughts, structure your memory and teach you a little control over your mind, which will make your life easier.

At The End

Extra-imaginative people are talented; their brains can create extraordinary images, imagine complex or poorly described things, and develop unique ideas and theories. Undoubtedly, all these qualities help in the professional sphere and everyday life, so many would like to have such an ability.

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