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As we already know that being society to work smoothly, there is a need for a justified amendment to be issued by the government existing there. This amendment can be made in the fields which require instant attention. 

In the United States, the government have been introducing several amendments to safeguard people rights and duties. Today, we’ll learn what Hyde Amendment Wiki says and the reason for introducing this amendment. This article is completely related to the amendment of abortion funding which is being practised in the US.

Origin Of Hyde Amendment 

  • The Hyde Amendment was originally introduced on 30th September 1976.
  • The House of Representatives passed this amendment 
  • The amendment was named after chief sponsor Henry Hyde, who was a Republican congressman 
  • Various changes gave been made in this amendment every year since it got introduced, but everytime exception has varied.

What Is Hyde Amendment Wiki?

The amendment Hyde was passed as the legislative provision, which stated banning federal funds in the abortion field.

The amendment allowed funds to save women’s or the pregnancy caused due to rape or incest. Before introducing this law, which took into effect in the year 1980, there was a total of 3,00,000 abortions done annually via taxpayer funds.

The legislation restricts the allocation of funds made for the health and human services department, consequently having major effects, as said by Hyde Amendment Wiki

Supporting Arguments Related To This Amendment 

Proponents state that fifty-seven per cent of American residents support this amendment, and thirty-six per cent of people are against it. This estimate was done as on 2016

Opposing Arguments Related To This Amendment 

Some critics States that this law would surely impact women’s of low income, younger women and women of colour. It’s estimated that forty-two per cent of the abortion recipients are from below the poverty line. 

Since the passing of this amendment Hyde Amendment Wiki, it was discovered that millions of women’s were unable to afford abortions. This resulted in the death of many women and carrying foetuses. 

Implications And Effects 

  • Amendment Hyde restrict abortions via federally funded department 
  • This is done for women enrolled in Medicare, Native American, US veterans and Servicewomen, women D.C. residents, women’s in prisons and detention facilities, peace corps women’s etc.
  • The amendment doesn’t exclude women receiving health care facilities by the U.S government.
  • There were several states actions taken into account because of this amendment. 
  • Even with the existence of this amendment, seventeen states still allow women with the policy of using their personal Medicaid fund for paying for the abortion.


This is all that Hyde Amendment Wiki displays about the U.S amendment made in 1976. However, the amendment came into force later, and every American resident does not agree to this amendment till now.

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