Humidblaze Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Scam Online Site?

Are you willing to get authentic results for the Humidblaze Reviews? If not, let us provide you with some points to verify a website.

Do you want to inhale purified air? Want to improve the air quality of your home? Then, please stay with us to find more. 

Fresh air makes us feel happier, relaxed and energetic. Moreover, pure air has several health benefits, including reducing the risk of organ damage, helping to make our skin healthier and gentle. Thus, this post will sweep a website that is in the eye of the lives of Canada, and the United States people.

So, check out the full site’s details in this post on Humidblaze Reviews

Discovering The Site

HumidBlaze is a cyber shopping portal that claims to let you feel more comfortable by providing pure air. In addition, as per the sources, they employ exclusive technology to produce high-quality air filters. 

Also, they added that their product would enhance the air quality, thus, will give you a comfortable sleep. Besides, has declared to hold a good customer relationship. However, only a product is on sale on the site named ‘Humidifier.’ So, let us now look into this site to find its actuality. 

The Pointers To Analyse: Is Humidblaze Legit?

  • The shipping charges will be calculated after the checkout process. 
  • The website’s access link is
  • If you desire to return, then you have only 30 days after the receipt date 
  • The customer service mail is 
  • We haven’t noticed any social links on the website. 
  • No evidence related to the company’s location is noted. 
  • The newsletter feature is accessible, through which you can get updates from
  • The calling number is not quoted on the webpage. 
  • The site is selling one air purifier, ‘Humidifier.’
  • According to the Humidblaze Reviews, Shop Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard are some payment modes accepted on this website. 
  • was created only 12 days ago, i.e., on 12-12-2021. In addition, its termination date is 12-12-2022.
  • After the refund application, they will let you know of the approval and declination of the refund. Moreover, will reflexly credit the amount to the original payment mode. 
  • They allow their customer to return the undesirable product and purchase another product.
  • On the website, the delivery policy is not seen anywhere. 

What Are The Good Points In The Portal?

  • The Humidblaze Reviews stated that 50% off is provided on the site for the Christmas Sale. 
  • For contact, the mailing address is provided.
  • We have discovered the presence of the newsletter facility. 
  • They will send a discount code to your mail if you subscribe to them. 
  • On, the customer’s feedback is present. 
  • The website has several customer reviews. 

Faults Present In The Portal

  • The portal’s trust rank is 48.8, whereas it has only a 2% trust score. 
  • The email address is not relative to the site’s name. 
  • We haven’t found the social links to determine ‘Is Humidblaze Legit?’
  • The phone number is missing.

Is Humidblaze Dubious?

  • Policies Provided- Over the site, the policies are not described properly. 
  • Trust Rank- We have determined a low trust rank. 
  • Domain Termination Date- The site’s suspension date is 12-12-2022. 
  • Alexa Rank- The domain’s Alexa rank value is1807270.
  • Trust Score- The 2% value is very poor, exhibiting several questions. 
  • Domain Age- is only 12 days old; 12/12/2021.
  • Firm’s Address- The exact location is not quoted. However, according to the site, it was located in Los Angeles. 
  • User’s comments- By revealing the Humidblaze Reviews, we haven’t got any reliable online reviews. But, on the portal, the buyers have appreciated the item, which doesn’t seem genuine. 
  • Social Connections- The absence of social icons is seen. 
  • Founder’s name- The pointers on the owner’s identity are absent. 

Buyers’ Viewpoint 

The feedback on the portal is of unverified buyers since we can’t consider it to check the legitimacy. Furthermore, Trustpilot customers’ reactions to the portal are unavailable, which creates a huge suspicion. 

In addition, social media connections are absent, raising questions. Visit here to get a refund from the credit card scams


The Humidblaze Reviews have hindered us in realizing a portal’s reality selling only one air purifier. Moreover, we have discovered that the website is not connected to any social sites.

Also, the low trust score and rank have made it objectionable. Thus, we suggest you watch for the site’s authentic reviews. This portal is questionable for us, as it registered freshly. Visit here to learn about the PayPal scams

Can this portal be marked as a scam? Kindly put your opinion below. 

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