Humask Reviews {Dec 2021} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

This article expands the confirmation of the legitimacy through Humask Reviews with a complete assessment of

How comfortable are you in wearing a mask? It has become a part of life for every individual since Covid-19. 

Do you think you are safe after using a proper mask? If you doubt it, you would have searched for a perfect mask that provides you comfort and protection. Several people in Canada are referring to Did you also research it? If not, we will suggest you; go through the below write-up in Humask ReviewsLet us understand its legitimacy and other facts in the below section.

Summary of

Humask is the online portal that is involved in selling several masks. They claim all their products have been tested periodically.

It was performed by an independent laboratory that is recognized. These masks follow Health Canada Guidelines and also comply with ASTM F2100. They provide four different varieties of masks that include.

  • Humask
  • Humask Pro
  • Humask Pro Vision
  • Humask Enfants

All the masks mentioned above have unique features like Humask Pro is equipped with a high-performance HuCare membrane. Humask Enfants are specially equipped for children, etc.

Though they have an impressive product, it is required to clarify, Is Humask Legit.


Below are some highlights that are required to learn about this site.

  • Website Type: It is a virtual portal for a variety of masks. They have a mask for all age groups, from children to adults. 
  • E.mail:
  • Website:
  • Contact address: Official addresses are unremarkable on this site. 
  • Contact number: 819519-3255
  • Cost of Products:  Dollars.
  • Sort and filter – It is uneasy; to search for items. Sort and filter are missing.
  • Options for payment: Not mentioned
  • Shipping Policies: Shipping is free in Canada over for 75 $
  • Return Policies: Return policies are missing.
  • Social media links: It is available.

Humask Reviewsneed more elucidation to prove the validity.

Let us examine some pros and cons of


  • The domain is old.
  • The trust score of this site is 86 %.
  • Taxes are prohibited; for this product.
  • HTTPS detected that indicates the customer’s safety.
  • Social media links are connected and active.
  • The masks are tested for their effectiveness periodically.


  • This site lacks official addresses.
  • Customers’ reviews for this product on the site are missing.
  • Terms and services policy are unnoticed throughout the site.
  • This site lacks the information of the owner.

Is Humask Legit 

We suggest you consider more information; to get clarity on the legitimacy of this site in the below section.

  • Website Age: This portal was developed on 10th April 2012. Hence, it is an old site.
  • Trust Score of Website: 86 %, categorized under; Good Trust index. 
  • Ranking in Alexa: Alexa ranks in 1340610, which means noticed among a few people.
  • Contact address Legitimacy: This site had missed mentioning the exact contact address. However, refer to this organization in 2014 and tied up with enterprise Premont.   
  • The customer reviews: This site is absent with Humask Reviews
  • Email ID legitimacy: They provide a genuine and responsive Email ID that is unique and active.
  • Content Originality: The content provided here; designed on its own, and we did not notice any copied content.
  • The owner identifies: It is unrevealed on this site.
  • Social Media Connection: This site is linked to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. All these sites are active.
  • The Return and exchange policies: There is no possibility to return this product to maintain the hygienic purpose.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds are ungranted for this product.

Humask Reviews 

This site is the old site. It has a variety of masks for all age groups that aim to provide comfort and protection for its customers. Though, it has many positive points to note. The reviews of their customers are missing from the site. Also, they missed giving space to their customers to review the product.

Several reputable sites also missed reviewing the product from this site. Also, we would love to suggest you Get Your Money Back From PayPal if Scammed by referring to this link.


We hope you have got clarity through Humask ReviewsWe suggest you research this site for a more detailed explanation. It will provide you with genuine trust and then spend your hard-earned money. 

Are also a like to wear designable mask? Do you find this article informative and helpful? Comment your thoughts below. 

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