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This article discusses Howard Hamlin Wiki and explains more about the character twist of Howard Hamlin.

Are you watching Season 6 of Better Call Saul? If yes, then you must be intrigued by the character of Howard Hamlin, played by Patrick Fabian. 

After the release of Better Call Saul, Patrick Fabian, the actor who played Howard Hamlin, is gaining a lot of press in the United States. Fans are looking to know more about Howard Hamlin Wiki, his life, his wife, Mandy Fabian, and more. So, in this article, we will talk about Howard Hamlin and why he is trending.

Why is Howard Hamlin Trending? 

The Installment 7 of Better Call Saul season six has gotten a lot of attention in the media. Fans, on the other hand, were taken aback by his character’s mid-season finale episode. As per reports, Patrick Fabian’s role, Howard Hamlin, will be leaving the show shortly. Jimmy McGill & Lalo Salamanca, portrayed by Bob Odenkirk & Rhea Seehorn, are depicted slaughtering him in a cold-blooded manner.

Meanwhile, this has surprised fans, who appear to be appreciating Better Call Saul Howard Hamlin personality transformation at the midpoint. We’ll go into the narrative of the episode in the next part. Following that, we will discuss fans’ responses and Patrick Fabian’s reaction to the twist.  

More background on Howard Hamlin’s Cold-blooded Murder 

  • Howard is very disturbed by his failure and seeks out Kim & Jimmy for a meet-up.
  • Unfortunately, Lalo soon arrives at the flat, and the plot twists.
  • Howard is harshly assassinated when she shoots him in the head.
  • Moreover, while Howard is drenched in blood on the ground, Lalo addresses Kim & Jimmy and invites them to join for a conversation, according to reports.

Before knowing more about Howard Hamlin Wiki fan reactions, let us discuss Patrick Fabian’s reaction to Howard Hamlin’s death. 

What Did Patrick Fabian Have to Say Regarding Howard Hamlin Demise?

Patrick was very emotional while shooting for the last episode of Better Call Saul. Fabian had subsequently talked about Howard’s death, recalling the event when he was killed as a real stomach hit.

Fabian told during a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter that the finale dramatic change, he added.

He also told the newspaper that he found out about his character’s demise before the sixth season ever began filming, and he maintained the storyline a secret from everybody, even his spouse Mandy.

Howard Hamlin Wiki: Fan reactions

The finale for Patrick’s character has been favorably received by fans. Fans are lamenting the death and loss of Howard here. Furthermore, many people are writing RIP for his role on social media and arguing why he had to die in this manner. Many users have also commented that Patrick’s performance is 10/10 in episode 7. 


The cold-blooded murder of Howard Hamlin’s character has brought more limelight to the Better Call Saul show. Fans have approved episode 7 with a 10/10 rating. Click here to read more details

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