How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go {June} Read Details!

Gaming Tips How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go

How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go provides the methods to utilize XL candies along with the methods to get it.

Are you a great fan of the Pokemon series and games? Do you want to know about the updates in the Pokemon Go game?The Pokemon games have a massive following in the United States , Canada. Here is an article that explains How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go and other important details.

What is XL candy?

In the Pokemon Go game, candies are required to level up the Pokemon. Usually, normal candies can make the Pokemon’s CP up to a maximum level of 40, but these XL candies help break the threshold cap beyond 40. This XL candy helps to power the Pokémon up to level 50. 

However, to use the candy XL, the trainer must be level 40, after which the cap will be unlocked. Players must use the candy XL in conjunction with stardust for extra boosting. It uses 10 XL candy to power up the Pokemon.

How to Use Xl Candies Pokemon Go

Players have to use these candies as normal candies. The major difference is that candy XL is more powerful and helps you attain level 50 easily. Players can use the candy XL by tapping on the Pokemon button and selecting the power-up button.

It can also be used to upgrade Pokémon’s evolution line. For example, if players want to level up their Pikachu Pokémon, they can use the Pokémon XL candy to level up its power to level 50.

Players must use nearly 296 XL candies to level up their Pokémon to level 50.

Need of XL Candy 

What Does Xl Candy Do, it helps the Pokemon power up to level 50, gain more combat power, and make the Pokémon stronger. That will be very helpful for fighting at the gym. Also, it helps the Pokemon to evolve and to get more access to the Pokedex.

After the leveling-up process, players will get more rewards and super challenges.The challenges like powering the legendary Pokemon, evolving Eevee, great league, ultra, master league, etc., will be there in further levels. Players will receive enticing rewards such as rare XL candies, premium raid tickets, super incubators, numerous avatar items, etc.

How to get it?

Questions like “How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go” and “How to Get It” is always trending among gamers. Players can get it by,

  • Catching a mythical, legendary, or more evolved Pokemon will guarantee nearly 1 to 3 XL candies.
  • Choosing a raid boss will give you one xl.
  • A trainer level above 40 can trade the Pokemon for XL candies.
  • Hatching a pokemon ensures the xl candy; 10km / 12km eggs can yield 24 xl candies.
  • Walking with a buddy
  • Exchanging 100 regular candies can give one XL candy.
  • Pokemon exchange
  • Using a Meltan box


The article “ How to Use Xl Candy in Pokemon Go ” contains detailed information about Pokemon candies. The game can be played on an app or a laptop, and the app is available for free in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

Nearly one million players are playing this game daily. So it would be good if the players knew to prioritize their work before playing games. For more pokemon go updates.  

Do you find this article useful? Let us know about your tricks to level up the pokemon in the comment section.

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