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Learn How to Use Spirit Calling Bell and what the brand new mega gaming franchise is all about by reading this insightful article.

Elden Ring is the newest game from the twisted and brilliant mind of George RR Martin that has everyone excited by it. The mythos, visual design, and horrors that await at every level are monumentally enjoyable. It is also a challenging game that can suck your soul out to defeat the bosses at different levels.

 It is why How to Use Spirit Calling Bell. It is trending in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom search across Google search results. This article will help you get the Spirit Calling Bell and learn more about the game.

What is the Soulslike sub-genre?

The Demon Souls game is considered a defining franchise is known for its dark, mysterious settings and gothic look. It has monsters and magic with a critical goal of killing your enemies to increase your life XP. They have complicated gaming mechanics requiring many challenges and complex moves. These games also have magical items giving more significant advantages to the player, similar to Spirit Calling Bell.

 Follow these steps before learning How to Use Spirit Calling Bell

  • You have to essentially travel to the Gate front Ruins and travel to the North or East towards the Site of Lost Grace. 
  • Your journey will lead to interacting with the item leading to a small cutscene helping you meet torrent. 
  • With your meeting overhead onto Church of Elleh by fast traveling. 
  • You will see a lady on the wall and get to know Renna the Witch.
  • She will help you finally gain Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes. 

It is essential to go through the exact steps as deviating from it might lead you to notable places like Sites of Lost Grace.

How to Use Spirit Calling Bell ?

Using it is pretty straightforward and barely inconvenient as there is no manual use, with an automatic selection feature. You have to go onto your items menu and use the Lone Wolf Ashes or use other ashes in the storage menu. Summon the spirits when near an enemy, and you should see a purple gravestone on your screen, somewhere on the left side. It will allow you to spawn the spirits to help you succeed essentially.  

Can one summon spirits in the Elden Ring game multiplayer?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to summon spirits in the Elden Ring multiplayer section of the game. Your learnings of How to Use Spirit Calling Bell will remain limited to the single-player level of the game. Due to not using the Spirit calling bell, you would have to play the game far more strategically and avoid getting significant hits. 

Which platforms is the game Elden Rings available on?

You can play it on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series S, X, One, and PC. 


Elden Ring has gained massive critical acclaim for its fantastic game mechanics and well-thought-out graphical design. It’s still gotten some mixed reviews due to performance issues, but those are sure to be fixed in later updates. If you enjoy challenging games, then it is for you and follows our guide to How to Use Spirit Calling Bell for tactical advantage.

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