How To Telegram Update On Android {Dec} Find Every Step!

How to Telegram Update on Android tells you the importance of updates and how to install the changes.

Messaging has been a medium for connecting, but with the development in technology, there comes security, privacy in mind. So, what medium do you use for messaging?

Telegram undoubtedly is one of the favorite apps for communicating across India, and the United States. Also, it has been continuously improving and updating every few months. 

In such a situation, one popular question that people want to know How to Telegram Update on Android? Let us begin our discussion and understand the updates of Telegram.

What is Telegram?

Telegram is one of the free instant messaging, file sharing service providers that use end to end encryption features. It was launched in October 2013 for the first time for Android devices. 

However, the app is also available on Windows, iOS, Linux, etc. Additionally, you can use it on the desktop via ApK. Telegram users can send text, voice, images, video, and other files. 

Apart from this, Telegram offers a vivid choice as it is available in 19 different languages.

How to Telegram Update on Android?

Though updates do not always mean bug fixes, sometimes they may bring multiple changes. However, you should install the changes to be updated with the technology when the updates initiate. Let us see how you can update this app on android.

  • Just like other apps, for Telegram, you need to visit the Google Play store.
  • Next, in the search bar, you should type Telegram.
  • From the matching keywords, multiple results will appear.
  • Select the Telegram app icon.
  • On doing this, an app page will open.
  • You will get an “update” if an update is available, tap on it.

This way, How to Telegram Update on Android, check and install the latest updates on your device. Once it’s installed, then you see it highlights “Open” in place of “update.” It simply means the app gets its update and is ready to use with the latest changes.

Why should you update the app?

You should update the app because it improves:

Speed and stability:

Telegram constantly works to improve its previous version and make it faster and stable for users.


Developers constantly work to maintain the app’s security and ensure it is safe from hackers.

Bug fixes:

How to Telegram Update on Android will help in installing changes. And the developer tries to fix any error or lag in the apps with updates.

Adding features:

With the advancement of technology and customer demand, they always add new features and update them.

Match with OS:

The developers fix the compatibility issue of the operating system if the case arises.


People choose different mediums based on their choice to express their words. However, Telegram is a popular messaging app with over 500 million active users.

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging platform that focuses on speed and security. How to Telegram Update on Android is a common search, and we hope you get the answer now? If you wish to know more about the Telegram, read here.  

Which messaging app do you use? Comment and tell us in the section below.

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