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This article explained the steps required to receive the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter from How to Sign Up for Pokemon Trainer Newsletter.

Are you a Pokemon fan? Do you love watching Pokemon series and playing Pokemon Go? Or do you always want to keep yourself updated on Pokemons and Pokemon Trainers? If so, then this article will assist you. 

Pokemon is among the most famous media franchises in the world, especially in the United States. Many Pokemon fans want to know How to Sign Up for Pokemon Trainer Newsletter to keep themselves up to date. So, in this post, we will discuss methods to sign up for Pokemon newsletters. 

About Pokemon

Pokemon is a multimedia franchise popular worldwide, especially in the United States. The Pokémon Company, created by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures, manages the Japanese media franchise. Satoshi Tajiri founded the concept in 1996, and it is based on imaginary animals known as “Pokémon.” Pokémon Trainers collect and train Pokémon to compete against other Pokémon for fun.

The franchise’s media works are all set in the Pokémon universe, and currently, there are 900 Pokémon species. You should first understand the Pokemon Universe before learning about How to Sign Up for Pokemon Trainer Newsletter.

About Pokemon Universe 

The Pokémon Universe is an imaginary world that includes the Pokémon multimedia franchise. The world of Pokémon includes both fictional and non-fictional worlds. The concept of the universe comes from Satoshi Tajiri’s childhood interest in bug collection. Pokémon Trainers fight against other Trainers for the title of Pokémon Champion.

 Almost every iteration of the Pokémon franchise, including all the series of games, anime series, manga series, feature film, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game, has these themes of gathering, training, and fighting. Before learning more about How to Sign Up for Pokemon Trainer Newsletter, it’s essential to understand what Pokemon Trainers are.

About Pokemon Trainers

A Pokemon Trainer is a person who catches and trains and sometimes name various sorts and varieties of Pokémon. Pokemon Trainers have two main objectives are to accomplish one the Pokedex by trying to collect all of the available Pokemon species living in the fictional region where the game is set, and second to teach a squad of mighty and powerful Pokemons to fight against other Trainers’ teams and ultimately become the best Pokemon Trainer referred to as the Master Trainer. 

How to Sign Up for Pokemon Trainer Newsletter

A Pokemon Trainer Club account is required to receive the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter. Make sure to tick the box “I would like to receive marketing email messages from The Pokémon Company International” while signing up.

If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, follow these steps. 

  • Go to your Pokémon Trainer Club account 
  • Scroll down to the marketing preferences area on the Edit Profile page.
  • Click the checkbox that mentioned, “I would like to receive marketing communications.”


To sum up, receiving emails and newsletters from the Pokémon Trainer Club is crucial since it keeps players and fans up to speed on the newest news, discounts, promotions, events, and games. For more details on How to Sign Up for Pokemon Trainer Newsletter visit the Pokemon support page.

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