How To Identify Fake Shopping Websites (June) Read Here!

How To Identify Fake Shopping Websites (June) Read Here! >> The blog shares all possible tips regarding spotting a scam website and staying away from it.

Online shopping is gaining popularity all over the world, especially during this pandemic. People are finding online shopping safe and secured to avoid the spread of Covid-19. But, thieves are also taking advantage of online shoppers, and cybercrimes are on the rise. 

Scammers are keen on developing stylish and nicely designed websites fantasizing about selling different types of gadgets, toys, accessories, and more. Besides creating attractive websites, scammers also make paid digital marketing on various recognized social media platforms like Facebook. Hence it becomes tough for all to determine How To Identify Fake Shopping Websites.

As a result, most online buyers believe in these scammed online stores and lost their savings. But going through some essential tips can keep you away from such online scams.

Proper research:- If you are new to the online store and never have purchased from it, it is a good option to search the company names on a search engine following the words “scams” or “reviews.” Here you will get blogs or content disclosing the fact about that online portal, whether it is legit or a scam.

Check the address bar:- Every buyer needs to check the address bar of the website. In general, a secured and safe website use “https://” before the website name. Here “S” stands for a secured website, and it mentions that the website is using encryption to transfer data. It means that it keeps buyers secured from hackers. If you don’t find the address mentioned “http://” i.e., without “s,” it denotes that the website can be suspicious. 

Domain name:- If you are looking for the answers for How To Identify Fake Shopping Websitesyou need to check the domain name. Normally scammers create websites with similar addresses mimicking renowned online stores. Most of the time, buyers don’t check the address and get cheated. Hence it is always necessary to cross-check the domain name before you start a deal.

Domain age:- There is hardly any buyer who pays attention to the domain age, but it is one of the significant tricks to check the authenticity of a website. While you start checking the age of the website, you will come to know how long the website is in the business.

Extra care on social media ads:- Social media is one of the comfortable fields for scammers to befool online buyers. So, whenever you are worried about How To Identify Fake Shopping Websitesyou need to take extra care while checking social media advertisements. 

Poor grammar and spelling errors:- Companies having professional websites always try to maintain the quality of the sites. Their professional team does the necessary checking over the grammar and spelling to maintain the quality of a website. But if you notice a website with loads of grammatical errors, spelling errors and errors with capitalization, you can make sure that the website is not genuine. Here you need to take a closer look to the website and do proper research too. 

Missing contact information:- Hackers normally try to hide their contact details like phone numbers, office addresses, etc. Many times you may find phone numbers that do not work or out of service. If you find the address on the website, you can check the exact location via Google Maps. 

About us page;- A legitimate website will always have a properly maintained About Us page. This page shares relevant information about the company and its dealings. So, while surfing a new website, always check whether the About Us page is properly maintained or not. 

Payment options:- While you are opting for How To Identify Fake Shopping Websitesyou need to check the payment options offered by the websites. A legitimate website should offer payment options via Credit Card or PayPal. But, if you feel that the company is asking for payment via wire or money order, here you need to be cautious before you start a deal. Here you also need to check Return and Refund policies too.

Highly-discounted goods:- Scammers are keen to offer highly-discounted goods. You may find a website where the company offers an iPad at an 80 percent discount. Experts always suggest staying away from such alluring deals. This is the best way to cheat people and hack your details.


Hope you have understood How To Identify Fake Shopping Websites and how to stay safe from fake and scammed websites. There are some things that You should consider while online shopping to avoid scams.  Besides researching websites thoroughly, it is also necessary to keep your personal details protected. Read here if you want to know more.

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