How To Hatch Manaphy Egg (Feb 2022) Steps Explained

The guide shares details about the Manaphy Eggs and the steps on How to Hatch Manaphy Egg.

If you play the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, you probably know the significance of hatching the special eggs in the game. If you want to get Manaphy in the game, the only way is to hatch the Manaphy eggs. 

Manaphy Eggs are easy to obtain, and the Mystery Gift available on the main game menu helps you unlock the eggs. However, the eggs are available only for a limited period, and the gift option will disappear after 21st Feb 2022. 

So, Worldwide gamers want to know How to Hatch Manaphy Egg in the game before it disappears.

What are Manaphy Eggs?

Manaphy Eggs are the blue eggs holding the Legendary Pokemon, Manaphy. The eggs are available via different game spin-offs and in the game events. 

Manaphy Eggs are the items available in-game event, and it allows players to unlock the Legendary Pokemon Manaphy. Initially, the eggs were hatched using unique code in the Ranger series, which can be transferred to the Gen IV game and then hatch. 

But, there are specific steps to hatch the eggs, and the post describes those steps below. So, continue reading to access the steps to hatch the Manaphy Eggs.

How to Hatch Manaphy Egg – The Easy Steps

The Manaphy Eggs are hatched via the Mystery Gift option that in the game’s main menu. There are a few simple steps Worldwide players have to follow to hatch the Manaphy Eggs.

  • Launch the game Pokemon Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl
  • Start playing the game and launch the “X” Menu
  • Click on the “Mystery Gift” option in-game menu
  • Tab on the “Via the Internet” option
  • Choose the Manaphy Eggs from the given gift list 
  • The eggs get hatched, and the game gets saved after that 

These are the steps on How to Hatch Manaphy Egg. The only way to get the Manaphy eggs is via Mystery Gift option in-game menu. As you complete the process and hatch the eggs, you can stroll with those eggs, and soon Manaphy will get added to the Pokedex. 

Remember, Manaphy Eggs are the limited-time gift in the game that is available until 21st Feb 2022. So, you have to hatch the Manaphy Eggs before the deadline to get them. 

How to Access the Mystery Gift?

As you know, How to Hatch Manaphy Egg, let us learn the steps to unlock the Mystery Gift.

  • After killing the Roark and earning the first badge at the Oreburgh City, players have to head towards Jubilife City
  • Meet the Galactic team 
  • Defeat the team with Lucas and Dawn
  • Chat with random NPC and move to Jubilife TV Station
  • Talk with male NPC on the third floor and choose the option “Everyone Happy Wi-Fi Connection
  • After that, you will find the Mystery Gift option in the main game menu 

Wrapping It All 

Manaphy is the mythical aquatic Pokemon that is accessible only via Manaphy Eggs. So, use the steps on How to Hatch Manaphy Egg to get these eggs to unlock the Legendary Pokemon in the game.   

Plus, if you have any Manaphy Eggs in the Pokemon Ranger, transfer them to Pearl or Diamond to unlock the Manaphy Pokemon. 

Do you hold any Manaphy Eggs? Then, please share in the comment section how you hatched those eggs in the game.

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