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This article is about How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond? You will find the steps for route 224 in this post.

Pokemon Brilliant diamond is a Pokemon go game released in Generation VIII. This game was announced on the 25th anniversary of Pokemon green and red in various countries like the United States ,Canada, and Australia. Brilliant diamond was released on 27 February 2021.

Pokemon shining pearl was also released along with Pokemon brilliant diamond. In this article, we will discuss How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond.

About route 224

There are many places in Pokemon games that lead players to get new items. These items make the game more interesting. Many areas are difficult to access, and route 224 is one. Route 224 is referred to as Sinnoh Region’s miniature. It is a peninsula located on the island same as Victoria road, towards the east.

Players are seeking the steps to route 224, but before discussing the route, players must know that NPC will obstruct the path. To remove NPC from the way, you need to collect the national Pokedex and defeat the Elite 4. Therefore, before learning How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond, we will talk about the national dex.

How to get National Pokedex?

To reach the brilliant Pokemon diamond and shining pearl route 224, you need to unlock the national dex. Here are the steps to access national Pokedex:-

  • To get the Pokedex, players must have seen 150 Pokemons in Pokedex Sinnoh. Here Manaphy is optional.
  • Players are not required to catch these Pokemons. They must have watched them through egg hatching or in battle.
  • Once players are done with these steps, they have to arrive at the Pokemon research lab in Sandgem Town and talk with Rowan.
  • After this, the Oak professor will appear and hand you Pokedex.

How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond?

In the above paragraph, we have discussed the steps to get a National Pokedex which is necessary for route 224. Once you have got the national dex, head to Pokemon league using Fly HM. Now, let’s discuss the steps towards route 224:-

  •  After reaching Pokemon league, move towards the waterfall and go inside Victoria Road.
  • Go towards the south, pass the bridge. To get down the hill, you can take the help of Rock Climb.
  •  After that, you will see the Elder head towards the elder. You will find the stairs, climb the stairs and follow the route.
  • Then, you will see an NPC blocking the route. According to How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond, you can move further in the stairs below after showing national dex.
  • Then you catch up with Marley, who will stay with you until you reach the end of the room.
  • After reaching the ending, follow up the stairs and depart the Victoria road. Then you have to escape two more rooms. 
  • Finally, you will reach the 224 route.


Players must remember that they can only access route 224 after unlocking National Pokedex and defeating the elite four. In this article, we have discussed all the necessary information about How to Get to Route 224 Brilliant Diamond that is needed to reach route 224.

To know more about Route 224, visit this link.

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