How To Get To Rold Route (March 2022) A Helpful Guide!

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This post offers the procedure for How to Get To Rold Route along with other relevant details about the game.

Online gaming is now more popular and successful than ever. With the increasing accessibility of the internet globally and the abundance of exciting video games available for users to enjoy, the industry is experiencing enormous success. It has become a force to be reckoned with. Users are gaining interest in a specific location of an online game, which has made How to Get To Rold Route trendy.

Users in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom are gaining immense interest in this query. Keep reading this article to obtain more relevant details.

What is The Rold Route? 

The gameplay of Elden Ring involves plenty of exploration. One of the most challenging locations to find in the game is the Rold Route which leads to the Rold’s Grand Lift. 

This location is a crucial part of the main storyline of the game. It puts the players in touch with Melina on the Mountaintops of Giants.

How to Get To the Rold Route Elden Ring?

The detailed procedure for getting to this location is mentioned below; let’s look at it.

  • With the Capital City map fragment, users must get to the main road of the Capital City.
  • They must head south back on the main road from the Avenue Balcony.
  • From that location, start going east until you encounter a big doorway.
  • After unlocking these doors, users will get to the capital’s outskirts.
  • There’ll be a stairway after opening the door, and the users must climb on it and tackle the enemies they encounter on the path.
  • How to Get To Rold Route? There’ll be a lever at the top of the stairs that will activate an elevator.
  • A bridge is present at the top of this elevator, which takes the players down towards Forbidden Lands.
  • The Rold’s Grand Lift lies at the end of Forbidden Lands.
  • Some enemies also lie in the path between these two locations, and the players must defeat them to get to this location.

Details About Elden Ring

Now that we know about this location let’s look at some information about the game.

  • The procedure for How to Get To Rold Route is mentioned above, along with other crucial details.
  • Elden Ring is a roleplaying action game whose setting and storyline were made with George R.R. Martin, an acclaimed fantasy novelist.
  • FromSoftware is the developer, and Bandai Namco Entertainment is the publisher of this successful game.
  • It’s available on all major gaming platforms, operating systems, and consoles.
  • Read more about this procedure here.

The Final Thoughts                

Elden Ring is a pretty popular fantasy online game, and users are interested in getting to a specific location on this game’s map. We have mentioned the entire process for the same above. 

Are you also interested in going to this location in the game? Kindly let us know your opinion on our procedure for How to Get To the Rold Route Elden Ring in the comments.

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