How To Get To Nokstella Eternal City {March} Find Ways

Our guide on How to Get To Nokstella Eternal City will briefly explain what challenges you will face getting access to this area.

Do you play action RPG games? Do you like interacting and fighting with non-player characters in any game? Players in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia are pretty excited about the newly launched game Elden Ring.

So, are you also aware of the Elden Ring? One common query among players about the game is How to Get To Nokstella Eternal City. If you are also one among players looking for the answer, we are here with our guide on that; let us begin.

What is Elden Ring?

The developer of Elden Ring is FromSoftware. It is a single or multiplayer action role-playing game. The game was released on February 25, 2022, for the platforms like MS Windows, PS 4/5, and Xbox Series X/S.

The gameplay provides elements that help progress and explore the areas, castles, and many more scattered on the map. Once the game progress, the players can also access the main areas. In addition, the players will also get enemies, bosses that they have to overcome.

How to Get To Nokstella Eternal City?   

There is a location in Elden Ring called Nokstella Eternal City, which gamers search for. The location of Nokstella is in Ainsel River main and its western areas. Let us see more here what the requirement to access this location are.

  • You first need to visit Caria Manor, where you have to defeat Royal Knight.
  • Next, you have to serve Ranni the witch, and she will allow only if
  • You have already beat Rennala Queen of Full Moon in Raya Lucaria Academy,
  • And Starscourge Radahn in Caelid.
  • You might also get entry to Nokron Eternal City.

What to do after serving Ranni?

How to Get To Nokstella Eternal City is a challenging task, but our guide will help achieve that.

  • Now, after serving Ranni, a personal quest is activated.
  • Next, you can explore the Nokron Eternal City, a Hallowed Ground of Night.
  • Here, you get an opportunity to pick Fingerslaying Blade.

So, now Ranni will give the inverted statue of Carian, which helps in turning Carian Study Hall upside down. There the player will get Crusemark of Death related items once defeating Godskin Noble boss.

Once finishing these, you can see that Ranni has gone back, and you can now access Renna Rise for the next step in How to Get To Nokstella Eternal City.

What to do next?

Grab Snow Witch armour set, teleporter from Renna’s room and Miniature Ranni. This device is needed to explore Ainsel River Well and unlock the treasure chest of the Full Moon.

Now, you have to fight enemies like Rockslinger Demon and Giant Ants on the way. Following the path, you reach the path which split in two. 

  • If you follow the straight path, you need to kill enemies and get the Wing of Astel weapon.
  • A tunnel will take you to Nokstella Eternal City in Elden Ring if you turn the right path.


Now you know How to Get To Nokstella Eternal City. But there are many more secret zones and bosses in Rennala’s treasure chest that you can explore. If you want more information on Elden Ring gameplay and plot, read here: 

Do you find our guide on getting Nokstella City helpful? If so, write in the comment section if you reached there.

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