How to Get Tax Extension 2022 {April} Read To Know More!

Latest New How to Get Tax Extension 2022

The below-given article talks about How to Get Tax Extension 2022 and elaborates more details on the topic.

Are you looking for filing tax return? It is that time of the year when everyone across the United States goes ahead with filing taxes. Besides, as per sources, the official deadline for the 2022 tax is declared to be 18 April 2022, wherein you can file for the 2021 taxes.

However, this article is for all those who might have missed or couldn’t file their tax returns within the deadline. Thus, for all those who are confused, if there is a way out or How to Get Tax Extension 2022, then this is the right place you have landed. Read below to know more details.

How To Get Extension?

  • People who have missed their filing can request an extension on the tax deadline. It must not be filed later than the due date of return as per the IRS.
  • Herein, individuals will get only a six-month extension for filing the taxes.
  • It does not grant any extension for paying your taxes which will be levied with penalties and interest.
  • For requesting an extension, you must fill out Form 4868 or an e-file.

Besides, you must calculate and pay the due amount on How to File Tax Extension. Besides, any person filing for tax irrespective of income can request an electronic and automatic tax-filing extension. 

Why is it in the news?

The official date released for filing of 2021 taxes was declared to be 18 April 2022 across the United States. It was the final date for all those who wanted to file their tax returns. However, as per sources, many missed out on the chance and were not able to file for it; then, what are the steps to be taken.

Thus, we will highlight How to File Tax Extension, and the penalties levied on missing the deadline in the coming sections. So, continue to read further.

What will happen if you miss the deadline for filing taxation?

As per the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), people who have missed filing for taxation within the deadline will have to bear a penalty. The penalty includes a percentage of taxes that you didn’t pay on time. 

The amount herein will be calculated based on how late you have filed for tax return and the total unpaid tax as per the original payment amount and due date. We hope your query How to Get Tax Extension 2022? is answered now, do read carefully. 

Final Conclusion

It has to be noted that applying for a file extension will give taxpayers an additional six months for filing taxes. As per IRS, 1 out 10 refunds are usually issued within 21 days. Besides, the latest date for those who have requested a tax extension is 17 October.

Furthermore, if the envelope is properly addressed, the return will be considered filed and deposited in the mail with a postmark attached within the due date.

Do you want to know more about How to Get Tax Extension 2022? Read here.

Did you, too, miss filing your tax returns? Do share with us your views and experience in the comments section below.

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