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This blog helps you know How to Get Platinum Album in Bitlife, Read the content, and unlock the strategies to get the platinum album.

Do you know about any life simulator game that allows the players to control the character’s life from birth till the end? Well, it is none other than Bitlife. 

Online gaming has undergone advancement and successfully captured gamers’ interest worldwide, including in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is why people are always excited to grab new challenges added to the game.

So, if you want to know How to Get Platinum Album in Bitlife and raise your level, stay tuned and read our article till the end.

What is Bitlife?

It is an online game that offers different tasks to the players which aim to control a stranger’s life. Candry Writer LLC makes this application. 

It is a package of humour, thrill and adventure where users have to deal with various challenges. The gameplay of Bitlife is pretty simple. You have to choose an option from the game like purchasing a car or getting the job and see how much time you take to achieve your goal.

What is a Platinum Album?

Before knowing the answer to How to Get Platinum Album in Bitlife, you must know a few important details of the platinum album.

There are many genres available in Bitlife, and one can choose them according to their potential. So, one of the career options available is to become a singer. This option not only makes you famous but adds millions to your pockets. 

However, getting platinum is the highest peak that every gamer has to achieve. Your album becomes platinum if it’s 1,000,000 copies are being sold. Similarly, if the copies cross this count, gamers are given double platinum or diamond. This further counts as their in-game achievement.

How to Get Platinum Album in Bitlife?

  • You need to master your skills by taking music as a special talent of your character.
  • Once you are at six, start playing different instruments.
  • Carry on with your practice at least three times a year 
  • When you join your schooling, choose singing as your activity option to improve your skills
  • At the age of 10 or 12, it is time for you to get a record label. 
  • As you have grown up, go into occupation and choose singing as a special career.

How to Get Platinum Album in BitlifeSo, as you start getting albums, your sale will begin. Ultimately, you will sell 1,000,000 copies to get the platinum album with your efforts and dedication.

What extra efforts can be put into getting the platinum album?

Apart from your skills, the looks of the character also matter. So, you must not forget to participate in exercise and extra-curricular activities that develop your overall personality. Moreover, choose rap or pop songs for your album as they are quite trendy in the market. 


Ending up the content, we have shared the brief details that answer How to Get Platinum Album in Bitlife. So, start your journey, do continuous efforts and get your platinum album. Moreover, if you want to keep yourself updated with more such latest challenges of Bitlife, check its Twitter account.

Which career option do you like to choose in Bitlife? Comment and share with us.

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