How to Get Mountains the Giants {March} Know The Steps!

Gaming Tips How to Get Mountains the Giants

The article below helps you know How to Get Mountains the Giants and to reach quickly to the top of the mountain.

You all must agree that P.C Game has created a new revolution. We all love to spend our leisure time playing cool graphics games like Elden Ring in this era.

Have you ever played this high graphics game before? Want to know the possible ways to get mountains and giants?

Now people living in the United States of America and the United Kingdom are searching How to Get Mountains the Giants. So, read this article and find a solution to overcome this level.

What is the Elden Ring game?

Elden Ring is a type of open-world game where your character will have an ancient sword with extraordinary power.

Your character is stuck in a dark fantasy world, and you have to find a way to set free this world by completing various missions.

Why is this topic trending?

Though this game contains a maximum level of excitement and in part six, it gets tricky for gamers to compete at this level. That is why they are searching How to Get Mountains the Giants.

How to avoid dragons and giants in the Elden Ring?

You need to break through this dark fantasy world, as we discussed earlier. For this, you need to fight with various enemies. You can only defeat them with the help of that ancient sword, and at the same time, you need to upgrade yourself.

You can beat them when your level and defense equipment are higher than your enemies, like the dragon and giant.

To increase your levels, you can train in the training mode and upgrade your defense equipment with the coins you gather.

How to Get Mountains the Giants?

You can quickly get to the top of the mountain by following a few steps. Those steps are as follows:

  • First, you need to create a safe passage to Avenue Balcony.
  • Now walk through the stairs and select the left passage that you can find while following the stairs.
  • Now, walk staring without turning around. It will be better to ignore flights while you are walking.
  • Again, you will find a staircase. It would help if you walked through that also.

And lastly follow the below steps to know: “How to Get Mountains the Giants?”

After reaching close to the mountain, you will find giants are protecting the mountain gate, and you need to fight with them to break free from this dark fantasy world.

While fighting with the giants, try to hit on the head of those giants. It is the only weak point that will help you defeat them and break free the world.

Final Verdict:

As we discussed earlier, Elden Ring is an open-world game where gamers find it difficult to cross the sixth part. To succeed in this mission, they need to follow Avenue balcony and complete everything to get to the top of the mountain.

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