How to Get Mech Wings {Aug} Complete Useful Information!

How to Get Mech Wings {Aug} Complete Useful Information! >> Are you looking for ways to redeem the new avatar on Roblox? Please read this post and know the easy method to get it on your Pc and iOS.

Do you want to claim Mech wings on Roblox? Mech wings are a small accessory on Roblox that players can claim easily on iOS devices. Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t redeem wings if you don’t have iOS. Still, you can redeem on your PC on Firefox.

In this post, we have covered both methods by using iOS and Firefox. Also, we recommend every player from the Philippines and United States redeem it as soon as possible since it is available until August 18, 2021. So without further ado, let us know How to Get Mech Wings.

What are Mech wings?

Mech wings is a back accessory available on Roblox. It was published in the avatar shop on June 28, 2021, and players can buy it until August 18, 2021. You can buy it for free exclusively on iOS from August 4, 2021 to August 18, 2021. 

Numbers of players are redeeming this new avatar for increasing their avatar collection, which somehow increase their value in game as well.  

So, are you excited to add this to your avatar collection? If so, find the details on how you can redeem Mech wings on iOS and PC. 

How to Get Mech Wings on iOS?

  • Launch the Roblox on your phone. 
  • Then Tap on the avatar button on the bottom-middle of the screen. 
  • The button will get your avatar’s face. 
  • Within the avatar menu you can press shop, and you will need to enter the avatar catalog. 
  • Now within the shop menu, press the featured tab. 
  • Tap on the sort then relevance button within the featured tab; you can find this option below the featured tab.
  • Now press the recently updated, then apply to confirm. 
  •  Here, you will find the list of Mech wings back accessories. 
  • Scroll down the window and navigate the item you want to redeem.   
  • Congratulations! You have learnt How to Get Mech Wings on iOS. 

The Mech wings back accessory is now released, so you have a great opportunity to claim this opportunity as soon as possible because it will be available till August 18.

Mech Wings on Pc Workaround

  • Download the Firefox browser. 
  • Launch Roblox and log in to your account.
  • Open the new window and enter the text- about: config.
  • Then jump on search Preference name and enter General.UserAgent.override.
  • Choose string. Here the default is Boolean, but you have to choose a string for this work.
  • Now press the +button to the right of the string, then paste the given text into the text box and confirm. 

Please note– To complete How to Get Mech Wings process, must copy and paste the given text to avoid any flaws. 

Mozilla/5.0 (Intel Mac OS X 10_15_4) (Machintosh). WebKit/605.1.15 Apple Apple (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/9B176 App ROBLOX 2.445.410643 iOS RobloxApp Hybrid/2.445.41063 Hybrid (GlobalDist; AppleAppStore)

  • Now press the get button to redeem.

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Congratulations! Now you know the complete process of getting Mech wings on PC and iOS. So, follow the steps and redeem it now. This will be last up to August 18, 2021.

We hope you understand the process- How to Get Mech Wings on both PC and iOS. If you have any doubt you can share your queries the given comment box.

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