How To Get Lavender Dragon In Adopt Me {March} Find Way!

We will discuss what Lavender Dragon is, its appearance, and how to own it? If you have similar questions in mind, read How to Get Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me.

Do you love playing with pets? Of course, pets are cute, and most of us want to own them. Have you heard of or played the Adopt Me game?

If you love pets and know about this game, you must know the game is also known for having a collection of pets and trading and earning money. Nowadays, people across Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom have one common query about the lavender dragon pet. So, here we are discussing How to Get Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me.

What is Adopt Me?

The Adopt Me game is developed by Uplift games within Roblox. The main aim is acquiring, caring, and growing various digital pets by hatching their eggs. Each pet has its groups, values, rarity and is classified accordingly.

It is the most installable and played game of Roblox, and the reason is straightforward. The gameplay cycle of owning pets, growing them up, and changing them into Neon is a lot of fun and fulfilling. Sometimes trading these adorable pets requires experience and is a big part of the fun. So, we will know How to Get Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me but first know about this.

About Lavander Dragon:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Cost: 350 Robux
  • Release date: 8 February 2022


As the name suggests, it is a Dragon reskin and has a lavender inner body with a purple outer shade. In addition, its horns and inner wings are a purplish shade. Two purple teeth protrude from the mouth, and the eyes are dark and droopy.

But the night appearance is a somewhat darker shade of lavender purple and light purple on all body parts. Neon and Mega Neon’s appearance are quite interesting. While the neon version glows hot pink, Mega Neon has the color combination of the rainbow.

How to Get Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me?

You will get it from DJ gamepass. DJ is a type of gamepass in Roblox’s Adopt Me. To get this pass, you have to spend 350, and in return, you can play customized music. Also, the gamepass allows jukebox, radio, and DJ lists at the house. But unfortunately, it is now unavailable. 

However, Adopt Me gave the information on its official Twitter handle that the DJ gamepass was damaged due to the Roblox update. So, to compensate the online players, who paid Robux for the game, they added a Lavender Dragon for their inventories.

To elaborate more on How to Get Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me, basically, anyone who purchased a DJ game pass now has Lavender Dragon. But those who wish to have this pet should know it is a tradable pet.

Therefore, instead of searching for a DJ game pass if you don’t own one, you can trade for it. Moreover, before trading, you should know that it’s a legendary pet with a pretty high trading value.


Lavender Dragon is a legendary pet, and people who got it are actually enjoying its neon and mega neon appearance. However, those who do not have are still searching for How to Get Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me, and we hope you know to get the answer. To know more about Lavender Dragon, visit here.  .

What do you think about the lavender dragon? Do let us know in the comment section if you own one.

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  1. i just checked the AdoptMe Shop both in-game and the AdoptMe place page and nowhere in there can u buy a lavender dragon.


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