How to Get Haki v2 Gpo (Jan 2022) Know The Game Zone!

Please read this write-up to learn How to Get Haki v2 Gpo with the steps to acquire it and the special power it generates Grand Piece Online, a game in Roblox.

Do you find online mystery games thrilling? Is playing games of different genres on Roblox your much-loved pastime? Is Grand Piece Online one of your favorite games? Then, without further ado, please go through this article, where we have covered details about an interesting feature of this game.

In this write-up, we have talked about How to Get Haki v2 Gpo, which online gamers worldwide, including the United States, are enthusiastic about discovering. We have also discussed the game in detail. 

What is GPO?

GPO is the short term given to Grand Piece Online, a game on Roblox, which is a popular international gaming platform. Grand Quest Games created this game in 2020. The game involves quests for mystery islands located in the ocean. On the way, the user has to look for special fruits to gain power. The gamers must also combat with the bosses on each level to continue in this game. If you want to know How to Get Haki v2 Gpo, please continue reading. 

What is Haki?

Haki is a unique power in this game that employs the player with special intellectual abilities. Its name seems to be derived from ‘qi’, meaning the energy of life in Chinese. Hakis are of three types, namely, Kenbunshoku, Busoshoku, and Haoshoku, where ‘shoku’ means ‘types’ in Japanese. The special powers that the gamer attains are pre-existing, and the Haki acts as a trigger to activate them. 

Busoshoku V2

This is also known as the Armament Haki and operates by creating an envelope over the body and weapons of the character with his self-power. We have stated How to Get Haki v2 Gpo in the next section. As the character is coated with spiritual energy, it becomes difficult to defeat him. The character attacks more efficiently with a more damaging capacity. The power of the Armament Haki is directly proportional to the duration of its usage.

This Haki especially combats the gamers using the Logia Devil Fruit, which, when eaten, changes the character into a natural element. As a result, nobody can touch the transformed character. Busoshoku Haki can break this intangibility and touch the Logia users with their spiritual power. 

The Busoshoku V2 is an update to the original Armament Haki. 

How to Get Haki v2 Gpo

Please find below the steps to acquire the Busoshoku V2. 

  • Go to the Second Sea Beast, or Kraken, and obtain the Book of Spirit from him. 
  • Oscillate at similar vibrations and attain the Spirit Essence in the Desert Kingdom.
  • Visit Raytona staying in the Spirit Island and execute a specific work.
  • If successful, the player shall get the subject Haki. Else, he must return to Raytona and start his journey again. 


The task referred to above is related to an exciting mini-game to be completed in two minutes. Thus, if you know How to Get Haki v2 Gpo, you must be prepared for the challenge. You may want to find more about Busoshoku  and its abilities. Also, please know How Gamers detect robux generator is fake while playing on Roblox. 

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