How Old Is Britney Spears Kids {April 2022} Know Here!

If you are wondering about the age of Britney Spear’s kids, then this article How Old Is Britney Spears Kids has some important facts for you.

Do you follow Britney Spears? How many kids does the celebrity have? What are the ages of these kids? Are the rumors about Spear’s pregnancy true? Britney Spears is currently trending over the internet in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, and many other parts of the world. 

The celebrity recently announced her third pregnancy, which has led to the hype for the details of the other two kids. Explore the article until the end to fetch your answers for How Old Is Britney Spears Kidsrevealing all the other details about her personal and professional life.

Age of Britney Spears Kids:

Britney Spears has recently shared that she has enjoyed the best time and a glimpse of her trip with Sam Asghari, her fiancé, to Maui. With this glimpse, the celebrity has announced her third pregnancy.

But before this, let’s reveal the details for her other two kids. She has two children with Kevin Federline, her ex-husband, Sean Federline, and Jayden Federline. Sean is 16 years old, and Jayden is 15 years old, born in 2005 and 2006.

How Old Is Britney Spears Kids?

As we have already revealed, the ages of her two kids are 15 and 16, and the celebrity has recently announced her third pregnancy. Kevin and Britney met in 2004, and recently, only after their three months of dating did they announce their engagement and give birth to a baby next year.

Sean, her elder child, was also spotted in mini-series and on television platforms. Jayden was born in 2006, and not many details about their younger son are mentioned yet. Moreover, Britney also filed for a divorce soon after Jayden’s birth in November 2006.

After fetching all the details for How Old Is Britney Spears Kidslet’s now reveal some facts about the celebrity.

Who amongst the couple has custody of the kids?

Britney lost custody of both of her boys in 2007. The reason behind the same was related to her breakdown, due to which she shaved her head and attacked a photographer.

In 2008, she also locked herself in a washroom with Jayden, and they both were rescued by an ambulance for nearly 4 hours.

After that, when the situation went normal in the coming years, she earned 50% custody of her kids, an additional piece of information for How Old Is Britney Spears Kids. As of now, the celebrity has 70% custody of her kids, according to the published reports.

Details about her Third Pregnancy:

Recently, on 11th April 2022, the celebrity announced her third pregnancy, which was done from her Instagram post.

Final Verdict:

To all our readers who are eager to know about the age of Spear’s kids, Sean and Jayden are 15 and 16 years old, respectively.

Follow Britney Spears on Instagram to know more. Do you have all your answers for How Old Is Britney Spears Kids? Please share your comments for the same in the section below. 

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