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How Much Money Did Hurricane Katrina Cost: If there is something humans still could not get a hold of and are unfortunately subjected to – it’s natural disasters. Every time they happen, it turns into a tragedy, because there is no way we can somehow stop it or prevent it, the only thing humans learned how to do is predict them – and as experience has shown, not always successful. 

And most of the time there is no one to blame, people always find a fall guy in such situations but it’s nature, and people can not be in charge of everything. We can only learn from it, accept our mistakes and fix them – find a way to hide from them, look out into the future and save money, food and have shelter for emergencies. And most importantly we have to learn how to cope with it mentally and prepare the next generations better for it. 

It is not only individual families that are affected – such things create chaos and make it complicated on a bigger level. The economic system probably carries one of the worst impacts on itself after them and it is hard to get everything back to normal again – even though for example in the US some states are not even touched by some disasters and so the life there has to remain the same. 

However, for the government, it is different, as they have to help people in need and the ones who have lost their homes and their jobs. Also, it can make big difficulties for people that are desperate for money help

There is a lot of pressure on the economy and to keep other parts of a country that weren’t touched keeps going. It still takes a lot of money and strength from people working in the governmental system. And the destroyed houses, factories, and businesses all cost money and all of this has to be compensated. 

We want to show you how much actual damage disasters bring for example hurricane Katrina and see how much it cost the government and people. It brought a lot of damage to the citizens, big losses. Yes, the government compensated something, but people were forced to get $200 without credit check

 in order to get their money as soon as possible

Hurricane Katrina And Its Results

Hurricane Katrina occurred at the end of August in 2005 and it was ranked as the world’s third-worst hurricane throughout the entire history – so you must imagine how bad it was, as out of all times this was one of the largest in the US. 

Reading it like that it is hard for a person to even approximately estimate how big this was because scientific measurements don’t show the entire tragedy, however, it was marked a category 5 hurricane – and it is the last possible category when the wind blows with a speed around 160 mph or even more. 

The hurricane damaged lots of American cities and states, however, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mississippi had it the worst. New Orleans was 80% underwater – can you imagine that? It is almost 20 feet deep, so houses were either completely caught off or not eligible for use or living anyways. The losses here were huge.

The damage that has been brought to people money-wise is impossible to wrap your mind about – it ended up in 81 billion $ damage for the property, however, if we talk about general economy damage, the number reached 150 billion $ and hurricane Katrina was named for that “the costliest hurricane” in the US. 

The numbers went twice as much for a general cost compared to just property ones, and it is clear why – thousands of people lost their homes, got into accidents. However, the worst numbers here are the actual losses of money, because this was the amount of money the government had to provide to help cities come back to life – based on statistics from the University of North Texas overall loss in the economy estimated at around 215 billion $. 

And the losses go on and on, not to mention how destructive it was for the oil productions placed in that area, which ended up harming 19% of the US overall oil production and made the costs for it go up rapidly.

Hurricane Katrina had the most damage on people and animals – because of thousands of distracted homes, the migration number within the country increased drastically, and some say that it was more than the number of migrants during the Great Depression. According to statistics, hurricane Katrina took away the lives of 1,883 people and affected around 600,000 pets. These numbers are hard to imagine but unfortunately, they are real.

What Affects It Has Now

Still, many people to this day say that government did not handle the hurricane well and many losses and damages could have been prevented – however, it is clear that it is way too hard to estimate how damaging a disaster would be, how to handle it might be an even harder question – and the government had to find out all of this in a short period of time. 

However we are not here to talk about what could or could not have been done – the results of the hurricane are still visible to this day, especially on the citizens of New Orleans and the city itself. some parts have not been restored yet and not everything was rebuilt. Homelessness is still a problem there and unfortunately, the east coast still lives through problems that were caused by hurricane Katrina.

Why Did It Happen?

As we know, hurricanes are not something a human can prevent – it’s all-natural and the air flows are not much predictable. However Katrina was especially destructive because the levees around named cities failed – and the hurricane, going up along Gulfstream, gained a lot of speed and such circumstances led to this disaster. 

And of course, people were not prepared for this. It came so unexpectedly and they didn’t have any time to evacuate or complete any emergency restrictions. Although we said that the government can’t be blamed for all the failures, it is true that they did not handle the situation very well, and for that New Orleans citizens are still pissed. Now it’s been 16 years since the tragedy, however, the memories are still fresh and we have to learn from our mistakes.

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