How Much Fell Snow In Ottawa {Jan} Get Impact With Stats

This article describes a blizzard and the issues caused by the extreme weather conditions in a major Canadian city. Read on How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa.

Have you heard about the severe winter weather conditions affecting the normal lives of people in a North American city? If yes, read this complete article that describes all the relevant information associated with the weather and its impact.

The residents of Canada are shocked to see such extreme snowiest winter in recent times that restricts their movement. The high intensity of the weather reduces all the social activities and transportation facilities. Keep reading to know more on How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa.

About Ottawa Snowfall

The snowstorm and heavy snowfall started to add thick snow everywhere in the Ottawa locality. The weather agency reported a massive 41 centimeters of snow near the Ottawa International Airport on January 17th, 2022. This massive snowfall includes the list of the top ten biggest snowfalls in the history of Ottawa.

The continuous, uninterrupted snowfall has blocked several main roads and highways, restricting the movements in the locality. Moreover, with the severe snowfall and snowstorm, the temperature also fell drastically, resulting in extremely cold weather compared to the previous years.

How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa

  • The Twitter page of Ottawa weather Records reported a 45cm snow on January 17th 2022. This Twitter account is operated by a forecaster and historian, Rolf Campbell.
  • The 45 cm record is considered the snowiest January 17th since 1873.
  • Considering the continuous and uninterrupted snowfall in Ottawa, Environment Canada has predicted a high possibility for 50 cm snow.
  • Environment has also warned the citizens about the blizzard warning around 9:30 am.

More about Ottawa Snowfall

  • The continuous snowfall and sand storm has temporarily restricted the social activities in Ottawa. Learn on How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa?
  • Tim Tierney, who heads the Ottawa transportation committee, has initiated several activities to clear the roads, cycling paths and sidewalks to help the normal movement of vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Ottawa’s road director Quentin Levesque informed the media that the snow clearing teams plan to start the snow clearing activities across all the affected residential streets and parking areas by the evening.
  • An on-street parking ban is implemented from 7 pm on January 17th 2022 to 7 pm on January 18th 2022. This ban is made to speed up the snow clearing process. Guess How Much Fell Snow in Ottawa?
  • All the road clearing crews are fully equipped and functioning to clear the transport path as early as possible.
  • All the snow clearing crew members and operators are fully vaccinated to diminish the rate of spread of the COVID-19. The local government authorities are looking to clear the path at the earliest.


Extreme snowfall with snowstorms creates a difficult situation for the residents as the snow blocks the roads and passages, restricting the common means of transportation. To know more about this topic, please visit.

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