How Much Did War In Afghanistan Cost {Sep} Know Fact!

Please read this article to know about How Much Did War in Afghanistan Cost and the timeline of the War.

Have you heard about the recent turn of events in Afghanistan? Are you aware of the current situation in the Country? Do you want to know about the perils faced by the citizens there? Do you know about the amount of money and lives lost in this long War? Then, please read our article to know everything about the cost endured in the War.

How Much Did War in Afghanistan Cost? The War lasted for almost 20 years and has taken numerous lives in War, and the lost part of the economy of the United States and the United Kingdom will be a burden for the citizens of the Country.

The Beginning of the War:

The history of the War of the US in Afghanistan is a history in itself. The US first invaded Afghanistan after the 9/11 incident that shook the United States and the world as a whole. It is a date considered the single biggest act of terrorism in the history of mankind. The US sought to take vengeance and invaded Afghanistan, cornering the radical Islamist Terrorism group Taliban. But How Much Did War in Afghanistan Cost; the answer is a graveyard of lives and the economy of the Nations.

Afghanistan in Chaos:

Recently, the US troops decided to leave Afghanistan after cornering the Taliban extremists for almost 20 Years. The first batch of troops left Afghanistan somewhere around July 2021, and it took just a month for the Taliban extremists to capture and fortify Afghanistan. The process of evacuation by the US troops was long overdue after the Presidential Elections. However, various critiques report that both the Former President and the current President of the United States had knowledge about it but decided to foresee it, leaving Afghanistan in chaos, in the hands of barbarians.

How Much Did War in Afghanistan Cost – The complete account:

According to the quote, “The Cost of War is great, both in numbers and lives”. The War in Afghanistan proved the saying to be true to its core.

It is estimated that by the Brown University, United States in the Cost of War project that more than US$2 trillion has been spent in the last 20 years in the War in Afghanistan. It is inclusive of direct military funding of US$800 billion along with US$83 billion for training the Afghan military. Overall, the combined net worth of all the 30 billionaires in the USA has been alone spent in this War.

But another aspect is How Much Did War in Afghanistan Cost in terms of lives lost in the War? According to official records, 2 461 US service members; 47, 245 Afghan civilians; 66,000 Afghan military and police; 444 aid workers; 1,144 other allied service members, including NATO and 72 journalists, have lost their lives in the Afghanistan War. All these add up to a total of 1,17,366 lives have been lost. Also, the number of Taliban and other opposition fighters killed stands at 51 191.


Therefore, to conclude about the loss seen in the War and the cost incurred, it is only to be said that the burden of this expenditure will fall directly upon the citizens with an estimated US$20,000 per person. The number of lives lost will continue to be irreplaceable. So, How Much Did War in Afghanistan Cost; the answer is surely unimaginable.

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